Success Stories

Our Participants use Healthix data for improved behavioral, population and public health, plus more…

LiveOnNY and Healthix, Partnering to Save Lives

LiveOnNY and Healthix, Partnering to Save Lives

Query of Clinical Documents: Healthix has partnered with LiveOnNY for years, helping to make an almost insurmountable challenge a reality. 

Diagnostic and Treatment Center

DTC Succeeds with Healthix Alerts and Telehealth

Real-time Alerts & Query of Clinical Documents:  Advantage Care Diagnostic & Treatment Center thrived during the peak of the coronavirus outbreak and credits Healthix’ modified telehealth workflow and COVID-19 Alerts, in part, for their success. 


Finding Missing Persons with HIE

Real-time Alerts & Query of Clinical Documents:  New York City health officials paired their Unified Victim Identification System (UVIS) with Healthix Alerts and the clinical and demographic data in the HIE’s portal to help police find missing individuals during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emergency Care

COVID-19 Field Hospital Retrieves Healthix Data

Northwell Health and Healthix, through its data-rich Portal, provided the Javits staff with essential demographic and clinical information to simplify the outreach, validation, and evaluation of patients before they were transferred to the Javits facility.

Managed Long-Term Care Plan

Healthix COVID-19 Alerts Enable Health Plan’s High-Touch Care

COVID-19 Alerts: VillageCareMAX sits among the myriad healthcare heroes during the pandemic, providing affected members with services, personal protective equipment, and safety education.


Alerts Combat Social Determinants of Health Issues

Real-time Alerts: The Institute for Family Health has incorporated Healthix Clinical Alerts into hospitalization predictive risk models to identify, intervene and treat complex patients at increased risk for adverse health outcomes. 

Ambulatory Care

Ambulatory Care Transformed by “Organized” Alerts

Real-time Alerts: Northwell Health Physician Partners found a way to pinpoint which type of alerts and information was most essential so they could help close gaps in care. 


HIV patient stabilized with Healthix lab data

Query of Clinical Documents: Through the exchange of clinical summaries or CCDs, Healthix provided the care team with Marcus’ lab results from different hospitals, clinics and other sites across the New York region.




Behavioral health care delivered with compassion and efficiency

Query of Clinical Documents: Through its data exchange services, Healthix helps advance FSL’s efforts in delivering high-touch care that expedites assessment and treatment plans. 

Physician Practice

ACO Raises Quality of Care, Drives Down Costs

Real-time Alerts: A Long Island Medicare ACO implemented Healthix Alerts to help keep their patients out of the ER and improve post-discharge care, while driving down unnecessary costs.


Smarter Care for Vulnerable Populations Through Data Sharing

Real-time Alerts: Healthix Participants can receive patient care alerts generated by the 10 downstate psychiatric centers operated by the New York State Office of Mental Health (NYS OMH), whenever patients are admitted or discharged from their facilities.


An FQHC Treats Complex Patients Using HIE Data

Real-time Alerts & Query of Clinical Documents: Through Healthix, The Institute for Family Health is able to access patient data that is actionable, relevant and easily accessible. This data is available at a provider’s fingertips and helps impact patient care.

Integrated delivery Network (IDN)

Successfully Harnessing Thousands of Consents for Improved Care

Real-time Alerts & Query of Clinical Documents: : Northwell Health Physician Partners found a way to maximize the patient consent process in order to access important data on their patients. 

Public Health

Public Health Initiative to Stop HIV/AIDS Supported by Health Information Exchange (HIE)

SMART Alerts: Healthix has worked with the AIDS Institute in the New York State Department of Health for close to a decade, providing valuable data to support detection and improve the long-term care of HIV/AIDS patients.


Realizing the Power of Data Exchange to Treat Patients

Real-time Alerts & Query of Clinical Documents: Betances is beginning to see the powerful benefits of data exchange in identifying their complex patients and improving their care coordination.

Public Health/Emergency

A Single Point of Contact for Finding Missing Loved Ones

Real-time Alerts & Query of Clinical Documents: The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, in collaboration with Healthix, designed the NYC Emergency Patient Search (NYCEPS) Portal to assist the public in city- and state-wide emergencies.

Physician Practice

Data Exchange is Helping the Staten Island PPS Achieve Goals

Real-time Alerts & Query of Clinical Documents: Healthix has teamed with the SI PPS to engage partners and clinical practitioners to help fulfill the SI PPS mission addressing patient engagement, management, and care coordination.


Leveraging Data for Research

De-identified and Diagnostic Data: Healthix stands ready to support researchers with aggregated data of more than 20 million patients from across the New York region. We offer diagnostic data to assist in assessing study viability as well as de-identified data for research.

Physician Practice

Integrating Data to Improve Patient Care

Real-time Alerts & Query of Clinical Documents: CHS has incorporated data into their existing workflows, implemented a handheld application to make data truly actionable, and integrated community providers into a larger data network.


Healthix Data Can Mean the Difference Between Life and Death

Query of Clinical Documents: Through Healthix data delivered via the EHR, a Brooklyn hospital found the data they needed to treat urgent cases.