Patient Access to Data in Healthix

Important Information for Patients and Consumers: Patient Access to Data in Healthix


Healthix Offers Two Paths for Obtaining Your Own Medical Records

My Health Record NY

My Health Record NY Patient Portal

My Health Record NY is a secure online web service available to anyone who has received care in New York State. If your care provider shares data with Healthix, the New York City/Long Island Health Information Exchange (HIE) or Hixny, the HIE that serves the greater Capital Region, your treatment information may be found in My Health Record NY.

Healthix has partnered with Hixny, the Capital Region’s public HIE, to launch My Health Record NY.

We have also engaged CLEAR, a trusted and highly regarded identity management company to provide identity verification for patients in our region. The portal is only available to adults 18 and older.

Healthix patients who enroll via CLEAR are differentiated by the zip code they reside in.

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Submit a Request of Your Medical Record Report in Writing

Patients can now contact Healthix to request copies of their medical records. To submit a request, please complete the Health Patient Medical Record Report Request Form and send via secure fax to 1(877) 331-1729 or mail the form to: Healthix, Attn: Compliance Office, 462 Seventh Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10018.

Notes related to records of Minors:

  • For minors who are less than ten (10) years of age, Healthix will permit parents and guardians with access to their minor children’s Protected Health Information.
  • For minors at or over ten (10) years of age, Healthix will not provide parents or guardians with access to a minor child’s Protected Health Information and will instead refer parents and guardians of such minors to the applicable Participants for access to a minor’s Protected Health Information.
  • Healthix will provide minors at or over ten (10) years of age with access to their own Protected Health Information.

Audit Logs/Consent Values

Patients can also request an accounting of disclosures to review access to their data through Healthix within specific time period not exceeding six (6) years from the date of the request and what consent values have been submitted to Healthix from different participants (healthcare providers) on behalf of the patient. To submit a request, please complete the Healthix Audit Log/Consent Value Request Form and send via secure fax to 1(877) 331-1729 or mail the form to: Healthix, Attn: Compliance Office, 462 Seventh Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10018.

Depending on the amount of data and the delivery method (electronic or paper), the response time may vary. Healthix will make every effort to respond to these requests in a timely and efficient manner.

Patient Directed 3rd-Party Applications (Commonly known as “Apps” or “APIs”)

Sharing data with third-party applications, such as a patient portal, provide innovative ways for patients and providers to manage health and wellness and leverage an individuals’ identifiable health data.  As the third-party application space continues to expand, and data sharing becomes more prevalent, it is critical that such data sharing be done in a responsible, secure manner and in accordance with applicable privacy and security standards.

Need to correct erroneous data?

Consumers/Patients are often not familiar of the extent to which their health data is de-identified, sold, and otherwise reused without their consent. App developers inform Consumers of  the future use of their personal data by the application in the User Agreements, however these are not always easily interpreted. We encourage all consumers to review these documents before authorizing exchange of their Protected health Information via any 3rd party application.

The Healthix Privacy and Security Teams are working to ensure, to the fullest extent possible, that the 3rd Party Apps that we connect with provide evidence of robust identity proofing of the requestor, and secure channel transfer of the data to the App. However, any further use or release of data is governed by the App User Agreement and may no longer be protected under federal privacy law (HIPAA).Healthix will direct patients to participating provider organizations who supplied the patient information to Healthix. Your provider organization can assist you in resolving an inquiry or dispute over the accuracy of your Protected Health Information, and correct erroneous information in their records.  Further, Healthix requires that its participating organizations and data suppliers notify us in response to patient requests so that erroneous patient information can be corrected in Healthix. Questions? Contact