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Healthix Services

Advancing complex patient care, care coordination, population health and research through the real-time exchange of essential health information.


Data Delivery

Delivering real-time 24/7 patient information, with alerts and advanced updates.

Healthix Alerts
Alerts are sent for selected patients who experience a specific event (ED admit) or match a pre-identified criteria (3 ED admits in 30 days).
HEDIS360° is based on a subscription model and is available to Health Plans. Provides clinical data at end of encounter or whenever there are updates (CIU).
Clinical Information Updates (CIU)
CIU provides instant and continuous information on all aspects of a person’s medical record, delivered system to system.
Healthix Direct
Direct is a secure email service that can be used by customers to receive alerts in a simple, secure, easy-to-read format.

Data Retrieval

Retrieving information via patient record look-up, the Healthix Portal, CCD or CCDA requests.

Healthix Query
Data is queried via the Healthix Portal through a user login or SSO access. In the portal, users can search a patient’s medical history, labs, procedures, physician notes and more.
Concise is a FHIR app that automatically launches in the Epic EHR when a user pulls the patient's chart. HIE data is available in the workflow to help make an informed decision based on data. 
CCD Query
An organization or user can request a patient CCD with full longitudinal medical history be sent on demand. A filtered CCD allows the selection of specific information (date range, facilities, data elements).
Healthix Snapshot
Healthix Snapshot is a browser extension and is a one-time download that allows you to log in from your web browser to access Healthix data and view your patient records.

Data Discovery

Providing insight to help manage population health, research, high-risk patients, outreach resources and more.

Focus 360°
Healthix Focus 360° empowers Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) with a value-based care toolkit. The dashboard view, reports, and analysis are designed to address the priority needs of the health centers.
Gaps in Care
Gaps in Care reporting is instrumental in identifying closed gaps previously unknown (e.g., patients who received care outside of network). Helpful to improve HEDIS and QARR metrics.
Analytics provides predictive risk scores, dashboards, and quick reports using daily clinical information from across Healthix. This can assist in targeted outreach to high-risk patients.
Research Exchange
The research exchange provides de-identified and identified data on a vast, diverse New York population, with a decade of medical history.
Reporting Services
A range of reporting services is available to assist in understanding your patients (e.g., the market integrity report shows where patients go for care outside your network).