pageimage4Q. What is Healthix?

Healthix is a Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) that is devoted to improving the quality, safety and efficiency of patient care.

Q. What is health information exchange (HIE)?

You probably receive medical care from a variety of providers, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and home care agencies. Each provider keeps its own medical record about you, including information about which medicines you use and which tests you have had.

If your health care providers can share this information with one another, they can provide you with better care – especially in an emergency. Giving providers involved in your care a better picture of your medical history, prior treatments, test results, and allergies helps them make the most accurate diagnosis and provide the best treatment.

Q. How Healthix can improve the quality of care I receive?

Healthix’s goal is to improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of care by making more timely healthcare information available to your providers.

Quality: With more complete, up-to-date information available, your physicians will be better able to provide you with the right treatments and services. Increased clinical information helps to support improvement in care coordination and disease management and allows Participating Providers to improve the quality of care delivered to all patients.

Efficiency: Since your physicians will be able to view health reports from other facilities, you may not have to take the same tests again. You may also not need to repeat giving drug and medical information to multiple Participating Providers.

Safety: Your medication history will be included in Healthix, so your physicians will be able to make better decisions and prevent errors in prescribing medicines and other treatments for you.

Q. Where does health information about me come from?

Information accessed through Healthix comes from a variety of Health Information Sources. These Health Information Sources may include Participating Providers, other health care providers (such as pharmacies and clinical laboratories), health insurers, the New York State Medicaid program and other health information exchanges. A complete list of current Health Information Sources may be found at www.healthix.org/participants. This list will change from time-to-time as Healthix continues to grow.

Q. What type of data can be accessed through Healthix?

Information accessed through Healthix includes ALL of your medical information, including but not limited to, sensitive information related to HIV/AIDS, mental health, genetic disease or tests, alcohol or drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and family planning. Your information is kept private and secure. Only medical professionals who help provide your care can see your information.

Q. Who has access to view and share my health information?

As a patient, you have the right to control whether any Participating Provider can access your medical information. Each Participating Provider involved in your care must obtain your Consent separately to access your medical information through Healthix. The decision to participate in Healthix is voluntary. No Participating Provider will deny you medical care and your insurance eligibility will not be affected if you do not participate in Healthix.

Q. Can I access my own health information through Healthix?

Unfortunately at the current time, Healthix does not provide patients with access to their own Protected Health Information. Patients may access the patients’ Protected Health Information by contacting their health care providers directly.

Q. What if my health information is wrong?

Healthix shall direct patients to the appropriate Participants who can assist them in a timely fashion to resolve an inquiry-or dispute over the accuracy or integrity of their Protected Health Information, and to have erroneous information corrected or to have a dispute documented if their request to revise data is denied.

Q. Is my privacy protected and my information secure?

Participating Providers follow New York State and Federal privacy and confidentiality laws. Participating Providers are permitted to look at your health information through Healthix only if they are involved in giving you care or improving the quality of medical care they deliver to their patients. Healthix maintains safeguards to prevent your medical information from being obtained by others for improper purposes.

Q. I still have questions, how can I receive more information about Healthix?

If you have a question, ask to speak with the Privacy Officer of any Participating Provider. He or she will be able to answer your questions about Healthix or find someone who can help you. You may also email us at info@healthix.org.

For further information about Healthix, please check our website at www.healthix.org. As Healthix continues to grow, the website will include the latest listing of Health Information Sources and a complete list of Participants with contact information.