Who is Healthix?

Healthix is a non-profit, health information exchange funded by the NYS Department of Health. We are committed to securely exchanging patient data to improve the quality and efficiency of care. Healthix provides patient information to thousands of physicians and providers in the Greater New York area.

Why is health information exchange important?

You likely receive medical care from several physicians and providers – each with their own medical record for you.

If your providers share this information with one another, they will gain a fuller picture of your health. Having your complete medical history, including prior treatments, test results, and allergies helps them provide the best treatment. It can also: reduce duplicate tests/labs, lower the likelihood of adverse drug interactions and enhance provider communication.

How do I give consent?

You sign a Healthix Patient Consent Form upon admission to a hospital or during registration at a provider’s practice. Your consent allows only individuals involved in your care to access your medical information in Healthix.

Can I give consent for my children?

Yes. Consent can be given for your children from infancy until 18 years of age.

Can I change my consent?

Yes. Consent is voluntary, and can be changed at any time, simply by submitting another consent form. If you are undecided, your patient information can still be accessed in an emergency situation.

What data can be viewed from Healthix?

Healthix contains patient data, such as lab and radiology results, medications, allergies, diagnoses, medical encounters and more. Please be aware, if you provide consent, sensitive medical information may be accessed related to HIV/AIDS, mental health, genetic disease or tests, alcohol or drug abuse, sexually transmitted diseases and family planning.

Who can view my health information?

As a patient, you have the right to control whether any Participating Provider can access your medical information. A provider involved in your care must have your consent to access your information through Healthix. The decision to participate in Healthix is voluntary.

Is my information secure?

With Healthix, you can be sure your information is private and secure. We follow all NYS and Federal requirements to ensure the proper protection of patient information. When consent is granted, only care givers involved in your care can access your medical information.