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Healthix Research Exchange

Our rich information is invaluable to research. We are working to support research in medical informatics, population and public health and clinical domains.To access Healthix data for research you must first meet a set of eligibility criteria. If eligible, the process is simple. You submit a research application; this is brought to the research committee for approval and cost assessment, once approved the research can begin.


Types of Research Exchange

  • Diagnostic data
  • De-identified data


Best Customers for this Service

Clinical researchers, pharmaceutical companies, universities and any large health-oriented entities seeking data for research and research validation purposes could benefit from this service.



The researcher must be employed by:

  • A Healthix Participant, or
  • A not-for-profit organization with a mission consistent with the mission of Healthix and our participants


The Research Proposal

  • Must be approved by an IRB or granted an IRB waiver
  • Must not be designed to generate market intelligence, competitive advantage, commercial promotion, or other non-Research purposes
  • Must not compromise the reputation of Healthix or any of our Participants
  • Must comply with Healthix Policy, including 1.6, §1.7 and §1.8


How are Research Proposals Approved?

The Healthix Research Committee, designated by the Healthix Board, will review applications and approve or deny in accordance with Healthix Policy.

Research Application (PDF)

Healthix Policy defines “Research” as the systematic investigation, including research development, testing and evaluation, designed to develop or contribute to generalized knowledge. Research may focus on informatics, population health, clinical trials, or other dimensions.

Research Committee Members (PDF)

Research Committee Charter (PDF)

Research Committee Procedures (PDF)