Healthix Training

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Healthix Public Health Training

This training is for health professionals employed by Public Health agencies. This training outlines consent policy exceptions for public health users and permitted use cases of Healthix data.

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42 CFR Part 2 Data

This video explains what 42 CFR data is, why it is important and how it is handled within the Healthix Platform. 

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This video lays the foundation for new users to Healthix. Easily explaining: who Healthix is, what we do, when we send data, from where we get data and most importantly why Healthix is important for the user.

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SHIN-NY and Healthix Policy Training

The SHIN-NY and Healthix Policy Training is mandated for all users accessing PHI and clinical data. It provides and overview of patient consent and you and your organization’s responsibilities. 

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Training for Minor Consented Service Providers

Required (5:11 min)
This training walks health professionals who are involved with Minor Consented Services on the most recent changes to Healthix Minor Data Exchange Policy. It highlights the new role in Healthix regarding one-time consent for Minors.

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Hosted Registration Training

Required (3:41 min)
This training will first present the workflow for adding or editing a patient’s consent status in the Healthix consent tool, followed by how to register a new patient and log their consent decision. 

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Healthix Consent Policy Training

Optional (9:13 min)
This training is intended for healthcare professionals who interact with patients, and who are responsible for engaging patients to sign Healthix Consent Forms. The training looks at the various options of consent and how the organization should record these for later audits.  

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Healthix telehealth training PDF

Telehealth Consent (PDF)

What You Should Know about Accessing Healthix Data for a Telehealth Visit

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Healthix adopted policies that allow providers who engage in telehealth services to obtain a “verbal” consent from a patient for access to data stored in SHIN-NY database via Healthix. Verbal consent must be clearly documented for audit review. Here’s what you need to know:

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