The Benefits of Giving Consent

Better Care at the Point of Care

When you are ill or have a medical emergency, you want to be sure that your attending clinicians have all of the data they need to make the right medical decisions on your behalf. With Healthix, you can be sure that any clinician or healthcare organization involved in your care will have real-time access to your medical records, providing you with the right care, at the right time – especially in an emergency.

With your consent, clinicians will be able to:

  • Access your comprehensive patient data, such as medications, lab results and diagnostic reports all available through Healthix.
  • Treat you more effectively because they have a better understanding of your medical history, past treatments and medications.
  • Communicate and collaborate with other clinicians involved in your care, providing better care coordination for you.
  • Put together a patient-centered view of your medical needs based on clinical data from many sources.

Better Care in Emergency Situations

During those frightening times when you may not able to speak for yourself, Healthix helps doctors and nurses access the information they


need at the point of care to make an informed decision on the course of treatment. Accessing your medical history through Healthix can save time and lead to faster more appropriate decision making that could save your life.

The Benefits are Clear


  • Improves quality of care and increases safety.
  • Reduces repeated diagnostic tests and labs.
  • Reduces likelihood of errors involving adverse drug interactions and allergic reactions.
  • Leads to faster treatment in a medical emergency.
  • Expedites communication with doctors and other caregivers.
  • Streamlines care coordination.
  • Gives you control, through the consent process, which providers can access your records.