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Healthix is the largest public Health Information Exchange (HIE) in the nation, serving the New York downstate region, including New York City and Long Island. We collect data from more than 8,000 Healthcare Facilities for over 20 million patients.

The Benefits of Connecting to Healthix Data

If you’re a health care professional in New York City or Long Island and not using Healthix patient data, you’re not seeing the whole picture. That missing information could make a critical difference in your patients’ outcomes.


2023 New York City Council Members Retreat

Bronx Borough President, Vanessa Gibson sets the tone for an important discussion, "We are serious about addressing health care disparities," says Gibson.

Looking to Join The Healthix Community?

Healthix is advancing complex patient care, care coordination, population health and research through the real-time exchange of essential health information.

Celebrating The Health Information Tool for Empowerment (HITE)

HITE helps orgs connect patients to local services, complete community needs assessments, identify local partners, and improve care for NY's neediest residents.

December 02, 2023

System Status Updates


Certifications and Partnerships