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Healthix System Performance

Healthix System Status:

UPDATED:  Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Healthix has developed this centralized page as a one-stop resource for maintenance schedules, system issues, support ticket requests, FAQs and more. When system delays occur for whatever reason, clinical alerts and access to timely patient information may be delayed– we will make note of all latency issues in the table below. Healthix remains committed to ensuring performance reliability and delivering the highest value to all our participating organization.


Last Update: 9 am

 Service Status Duration of Impact Comments/Notes
PORTAL System Up
CLINICAL ALERTS System Up Some delays as shown below:
MDM System Up Real Time
HL7/ADT System Up Real time
Direct System Up Real time
Daily Digest System Up Real time
eMOLST System Up Real time
CMC Portal System Up Real time
CCD; C-CDA System Up Real time