September Newsletter: Healthix Customers Share their Use of Alerts, the NORC Survey is underway and More

In the last year, +206,000 alerts were read in the Healthix Portal, resulting in interventions at the point-of-care, facilitating care coordination and providing key information about patient or client encounters.

July/August Newsletter: Healthix COVID Vaccination Reports, NCQA Program, Post-Pandemic SHIN-NY Waiver Policies and More

With the Delta variant of COVID spreading rapidly across the nation, many clinicians are eager to know the vaccination status of their patients.

ADVISORY: Update New York State Emergency Waivers

Effective immediately The New York Department of Health has notified Healthix that emergency waivers for COVID-19 alerts, without patient consent, has now been suspended. What does this mean for you? COVID-19 Alerts, indicating the availability of COVID results, will be sent only with patient consent Vaccination data will continue to be available with patient consent

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June Newsletter: Healthix Turning Data into Information, New Concise EPIC App, Who’s Reading Alerts and More

“We are committed to providing our clinicians and care managers with data quality that will assist them with patient care, care management, analytics, and research.” – Todd Rogow, President and CEO of Healthix

May Newsletter: Partnership with DOHMH, Clinical Terminology Mapping, Healthix Services and More

Healthix is working with DOHMH on a project for the Office of School Health (OSH) to provide ED and inpatient information for students aged 6-18 with known diagnoses of asthma, diabetes and severe mental health.

April Newsletter: LiveOnNY Tells Their Story, NORC Results are in, Webinars/Training, & User News

How does data provided by Healthix directly contribute to saving the lives of New Yorkers? How does real-time data help someone to receive donated organs needed to survive –the tissues they need to heal; the eyes they need to see —all of this happens when Healthix partners with LiveOnNY.

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Healthix and Collective Medical – Closing Communication Gaps for Mentally Ill Patients

Save the date for April 27th Webinar. Did You Know — One in 5 New Yorkers experiences symptoms of a mental illness – an epidemic compounded by the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and an increasingly prevalent substance use epidemic.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Data Now Available in Healthix

COVID-19 Vaccine Data Now Available in Healthix. What this means for New Yorkers and their providers…

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February Newsletter: Working to Better Care for the Homeless, Governor’s Executive Order, Healthix Launches New Blog & More

This video looks at the homeless problem in NYC and what Healthix is doing to help public health staff, clinicians, behavioral health specialists and community based organizations.

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HEALTHIX 2020-2021 IMPACT & INNOVATION — Advancing Patient Care

This report highlights 2020 milestone activities and serves as an inspirational reminder of what we can achieve together and how we can advance patient care. It was a year of tremendous challenge, but also of significant growth.

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IXChange Blog Launches

Healthix Launches IXchange Blog

The IXchange Blog will be a fascinating resource exploring the evolving platform of health information exchange (HIE), investigates data innovations, and so much more. If you are a healthcare leader, a technology professional, a policy maker or a consumer, this blog will have something for you.

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December Newsletter: Patients from all 50 states, COVID-19 Vaccine, New VIP member & More

Patients from Across the US Get Medical Care in New York – Almost 4.5 million people from across the 50 States received medical care in New York over the past 2 years.

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November Newsletter: Antimicrobial Resistance, Tri-State Data Exchange and More

NYLEADs Initiative powered by Healthix Data is Live: Antimicrobial Resistance (AR) is on the rise globally, accelerated by overuse and misuse of antibiotics.

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Antimicrobial Resistance Growing – Data Can Fight Spread

NYLEADs Initiative powered by Healthix Data is Live Antimicrobial resistance (AR) is on the rise globally, accelerated by overuse and misuse of antibiotics. These threats are becoming commonplace in healthcare facilities and significantly impact medically fragile populations. To address the infectious spread, New York State Department of Health and Healthix are working collaboratively with an industry

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Update: Verbal and Written Consent for Health Homes During COVID-19 State of Emergency

NYS Department of Health (DOH) issues guidance regarding Health Home Form 5055 and verbal consent for enrollment during the COVID-19 state of emergency declaration. Although the state’s telehealth waiver to access SHIN-NY data with verbal consent did not explicitly include Health Homes, NYS DOH will allow access:

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October 2020 Newsletter

DTC Succeeds with COVID-19 Alerts & Telehealth, NYeC Spotlight Video, and More

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September 2020 Newsletter

A champion of HIE, Analytics, Alert Filter and More

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August 2020 Newsletter

Homeless Alerts, ADT & Patient Direct Alerts, NORC Survey and More

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July 2020 – Committed to Public Health, New MFA System, and More

In partnership with city and state public health agencies, Healthix data and alerts assist in supporting vital community-wide health initiatives. From tracking a Legionnaires’ outbreak, to the development of COVID-19 Alerts, Healthix provides the critical information needed to answer questions and drive solutions.

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Using Healthix in the Patient-Centered Medical Home

Join NYC REACH as we partner with Healthix to discuss best practices for achieving and sustaining Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) workflows using Healthix’s health information exchange tools.

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