Who We Are

pageimage_logo_iconHealthix delivers actionable data, in real-time

Healthix is the largest public health information exchange (HIE) in the nation, serving the most comprehensive range of organizations in New York from the largest hospital systems to the smallest community health centers and physician practices. As a key partner in the Statewide Health Information Network for NY (SHIN-NY), we connect hundreds of organizations, with more than 6,100 facilities across New York City and Long Island

We deliver actionable patient data, in real time, at the point of care. By using Healthix, clinicians and care coordinators from different organizations can easily and securely collaborate on patient care.

Healthix delivers data of more than 17 million patients to participant organizations that include hospitals and health systems, provider practices, behavioral health organizations, long-term and sub-acute care organizations, health plans, other public HIEs, and private HIEs.

Why Healthix?

A nonprofit, public HIE like Healthix gathers data from a broad community of diverse healthcare organizations. In addition, we connect to private HIEs that gather patient data from within a single hospital system. The result: we deliver New York’s most complete patient data at the point of care.