Who We Are

Helping to improve patient care and manage population health

Healthix securely aggregates patient health data, across New York State, from thousands of sites – hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, behavioral health organizations, labs and more.  With a patient’s consent, this information is shared among providers to improve clinical outcomes and enhance 
value-based care delivery. The collected patient information is powerful, regardless of where providers are across the healthcare spectrum.

Healthix data services support a variety of clinical benefits. Here are just a few: 

  • Avoidance of service duplication and preventable hospital admissions
  • Targeted, informed medical decisions and treatment plans based on current clinical data
  • Enhanced collaboration and consultation with other caregivers
  • Faster identification of health risks through analytics

Our broad scope of services helps participant organizations manage population health, while realizing greater cost efficiency, improved care and a better patient experience.  We provide:

  • Access to patient data at the point of care; pushed directly into Participants’ application for seamless integration and workflow
  • Automatic clinical alerts for a wide range of clinical events, including hospital and skilled nursing facility admissions and discharges, incarceration and release from incarceration, changes in clinical conditions and more
  • Secure, HIPAA compliant messaging that enables clinicians to communicate directly with each other
  • Predictive analytics that provide actionable data to help determine patient risk and monitor cohorts of patients to predict future risk