Giving Consent

Granting, Denying and Withdrawing Consent

When it comes to granting access to your health records, you have a few choices:

Healthix consent may be offered to patients when they have an in person visit with the provider or during a telehealth visit. If you are given a Healthix consent form or are asked to give consent, whether on a computer tablet or a paper consent form at your provider’s office, or during a hospital visit, you have the option to indicate the terms by which your provider can access Healthix – see consent choices below.

When you have a telehealth encounter, your provider may ask you to grant a verbal consent to access your data that may be stored in Healthix. You have a right to “grant” or “deny” such access and your care will not be affected by that decision. Please note that when you decide to “grant” that provider access to your data, they will have access to all your information, including sensitive data such as alcohol or drug treatment, mental health, or HIV/AIDS tests diagnosis, etc. For more information on how your data can be used, you may review the Healthix consent form. Verbal consent will be valid for one time access to your record. When you visit your provider in person, we encourage you to complete a standard consent, which is durable.

1) Give Consent
When your clinician asks you to sign a Healthix Patient Consent Form, you can choose which provider organizations can access your personal health information (PHI).

After consent has been granted, your medical information can be available immediately, whenever it’s needed. Healthix Patient Consent Forms are available in 22 languages.

2) Deny Consent Except in a Medical Emergency
By choosing the above, you are allowing your provider to access your medical information through Healthix only in an emergency situation.

3) Deny Consent
Choose this when you do not want to grant provider access to your medical information through Healthix — even in an emergency.

4) Deny Consent to All Participating Providers and Health Plans
To deny access to your patient data to all Participants in Healthix, please call 877-695-4749.


Healthix Has You Covered in New York State

Your health record also includes data from other qualified entities in the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY). Therefore, no matter where you travel in New York State, Healthix will enable your treating clinicians to have access to a comprehensive picture of your care, whenever it is needed.

For a list of organizations that participate in Healthix, click here.