Giving Consent

pageimage4Granting Consent – What are Your Options?

You’re not obligated to grant consent. But in an emergency, you may be glad you did.

You have the right to grant or deny access to your medical information through Healthix.

When your clinician asks you to sign a Healthix Patient Consent Form, you can choose which provider organizations can access your personal health information (PHI).

For example:

1) I Give Consent
If you give consent, only authorized clinicians at a participating provider organization who are involved in giving or improving the quality of your medical care will be able to access your medical information.

2) I Deny Consent Except in a Medical Emergency
By choosing the above you are allowing your participating provider to access your medical information through Healthix only in an emergency situation.

3) I Deny Consent
Choose this when you do not want to allow your participating clinician to access your medical information through Healthix even in an emergency.

4) I Deny Consent to All Participating Providers and Health Plans
To deny access to your patient data to all participants in Healthix please call 877-695-4749 or visit (add contact specifics if more than just a phone #).

More Consent Options…

Healthix Community Consent

You may choose to grant consent for all Participants in Healthix to view your health information. By granting Healthix Community Consent, you will no longer have to grant or deny consent to each individual Healthix participating organization. The benefits are many. Healthix Community Consent gives all your providers in the Healthix community the ability to see your important health information – medications, allergies, labs – to make better treatment and care management decisions. By allowing all Healthix Participants to have access to your records, you will help to foster and enable collaborative care among your providers and also reap the benefits of effective, coordinated care.

This can save you the time and expense of having to collect your data, and test results from different doctors and facilities for appointments with specialists, therapists, and second opinions

Withdrawal of Consent

If you wish to withdraw consent and disallow further access to your clinical data through Healthix, you can do so at any time by completing a Healthix Withdrawal of Consent Form and returning it to your participating clinician or your participating clinician’s privacy officer.

Submitting Your Consent

The next time you visit a clinician that participates in Healthix, simply ask for the Healthix Patient Consent Form. After consent has been granted, your medical information can be available immediately, wherever it’s needed. Healthix Patient Consent Forms are available in 17 languages.

Healthix Has You Covered in New York State

Your health record also includes data from other qualified entities in the Statewide Health Information of New York (SHIN-NY). So no matter where you travel in New York State, Healthix will enable your treating clinicians to have access to a comprehensive picture of your care, wherever and whenever it is needed.

To see a list of organizations that participate in Healthix; or to learn more, browse through the Healthix Resource Library.