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July 2020 – Committed to Public Health, New MFA System, and More

In partnership with city and state public health agencies, Healthix data and alerts assist in supporting vital community-wide health initiatives. From tracking a Legionnaires’ outbreak, to the development of COVID-19 Alerts, Healthix provides the critical information needed to answer questions and drive solutions.

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Using Healthix in the Patient-Centered Medical Home

Join NYC REACH as we partner with Healthix to discuss best practices for achieving and sustaining Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) workflows using Healthix’s health information exchange tools.

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June 2020 Newsletter: UVIS, Javits Center, Healthcare Innovation, H+H data, and more

Finding Missing Persons with HIE — Unified Victim Identification System (UVIS), read the story and attend a panel discussion. An article appears in Healthcare Innovation — a New York HIE Goes All In on Patient Matching for the Homeless. Check out the CHAT’N LEARN Summer Series and more.

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Check Out New Healthix Service Enhancements

Healthix has launched a new Online Support System, an Account Manager Finder, and Training System, all to assist our Participants in accessing the data they need.

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May 2020 Newsletter: COVID-19 Alerts Use Case, Telehealth, JAMA Article and More

VillageCare, joins the pantheon of healthcare heroes who have stepped up efforts to care for coronavirus patients using the COVID-16 Alerts. SHIN-NY data key to COVID-19 treatment study published in JAMA, New Participants join Healthix and More.

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April 2020 COVID and SDOH Activities

Healthix is playing a vital part amid the coronavirus outbreak. Through COVID-19 lab alerts, telehealth access and support for clinicians caring for patients at the Javits Center and USNS Comfort, Healthix is dedicated to helping wherever the need. Thank you to the courageous health care workers and essential personnel who have braved the pandemic to serve our fellow citizens.

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MIB Partners with Healthix as the Latest Source of Electronic Health Data for MIB EHR

Healthix is uniquely positioned to support a process that can potentially save time and cost, while streamlining the applicant’s experience.

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Some HIEs Stepping Up to Play Key Role in COVID-19 Response (healthcare innovation)

“Healthix, the large HIE in New York City, is working with the New York City and New York State Department of Health to assist in daily reporting of new COVID-19 cases. It is providing an understanding of patients’ clinical conditions, as well as helping to identify high-risk patient populations to support prevention efforts.”

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J2 Offers Free Assistance with Salesforce Implementation

In response to the pandemic, J2, our trusted integration partner, is offering free implementation support for Salesforce’s no-cost COVID-19 software to health systems responding to the crisis.

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Helathix NYCIG Merger

Healthix and NYCIG Merger is Official

Healthix, Inc. and New York Care Information Gateway (NYCIG), two leading New York Health Information Exchanges, announce the merger is official. As a merged entity, Healthix will leverage the combined data of over 20 million individuals to deliver more complete patient information to providers to facilitate care and improve patient outcomes.

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February Newsletter:

Alerts Help Combat SDoH, Webinar Outlines Upcoming Merger, Gaps in Care Report and More. Healthix News also includes website refresh, welcome to new participants, Impact& Innovation Report and NYeC HIE videos.

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Merger Fast Facts

Merger Fast Facts Webinar for NYCIG Participants

The merger of Healthix and NYCIG represents an exciting time, as you will gain new services and expanded data. To ease transition, we invite you to attend the Merger Fast Facts Webinar and visit the NYCIG Resource page. Bring your questions!

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Impact & Innovation

2019-2020 Impact & Innovation Report

Together, we worked to enhance the overall quality of life for all New Yorkers. Take a look back with us at the achievements of 2019 and a glimpse forward at the innovations and opportunities anticipated for 2020

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Healthix and NYCIG Prepare to Merge

Healthix and NYCIG are pleased to announce their plan of merger in 2020. The merger of the New York City and Long Island RHIOs will result in operating efficiencies, upgraded services, a vast expansion of available data and cost effectiveness – all to better serve the hundreds of organizations, providers and patients that span both RHIOs.

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December News: Upcoming Merger, Portal Upgrades, Consent Webinar, FIDELIS CARE Joins Healthix & More

This edition is full of the latest news, additionally including some recent participant success stories.

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What SDoH Are Used in Healthix Analytics Models

This handout outlines the SDoH used in the Healthix Predictive Analytics software.

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NYC RHIO Healthix Delivering ‘Smart Alerts’ to Clinicians

Healthcare Innovation reports on Innovation at Healthix. Heeding calls from customers for more services, health information exchanges are finding ways to add value to their data aggregation. For instance, New York City-based Healthix has started sending “smart alerts” triggered by changes in diagnoses or lab values.

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Sep Newsletter: Webinars, FSL Client Success Story, Performance Page, Clinithink and ILUM

In this newsletter Healthix launches new webinar series to help educate, train and inform Participants and others about all the HIE does. Also in his communication we look at new partners, web pages and more.

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Clinithink and Healthix partner to combine artificial intelligence and massive health data

The relationship facilitates assessment of pre-trial feasibility, ensuring the validity of protocol design. The effectiveness of the collaboration will improve population health in NYC and Long Island.

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June Newsletter: Innovation Fund, Waived Hub Integration Fees, Insurtech

This month’s newsletter includes a video message from new President and CEO, Todd Rogow, along with the latest events and Healthix News.

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