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Healthix Reporting Services


Market Integrity Report

The Market Integrity Report uses your organizations patients and then identifies aggregate patient activity external to your organization’s network. It defines specifically the volume of emergency, in-patient and out-patient visits occurring outside your network.


  • Helps organizations understand care delivered outside their network.
  • Identifies areas of outside referrals.
  • Provided on demand, weekly, monthly, and quarterly.
  • Formats range from printed reports, file transfers, and dashboards.

Market Integrity Report (PDF Download)


30 Day Readmission Report

Healthix 30 Day Readmission Report identifies patients admitted and readmitted into the Emergency Department
and into the Hospital within 30 days of their last discharge.


  • Global view of patients with 30 day readmissions to ED and Inpatient.
  • Facilitates insight into the diagnoses, problems, and chief complaints of these high users of ED and Inpatient services.
  • Allows for targeted outreach and enhanced care coordination.
  • In conjunction with ED alerts, allows for intervention at the point of care.
  • Facilitates lower readmission rates.

30 Day Readmission Report (PDF Download)