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Clinical Information Updates (CIU)

Healthix Clinical Information Update (CIU) provides complete and instant updates for your patient, client, or member base. The information is transferred from Healthix directly into the Customer’s data system.


Healthix CIU

It begins initially with a complete longitudinal file (everything Healthix and the Statewide Health Information Network of New York (SHIN-NY) has on the patient for the last 3 years). Subsequently, the service sends only a mini-CCD with incremental, updated, or new Healthix information added to the patient, client, or member record. Client consent is necessary for this service. One-to-One Exchange relationships can be leveraged to enhance data exchange, and care coordination. 

  • The Healthix Customer may choose to filter down the data in terms:
    (a) initial time frame (e.g., last 6 months), (b) which providers the data comes from, and (c) specific types of information rather than all data elements.
  • The Healthix Customer can select which patient, clients or members to include by sending an enrollment/registration feed or subscription file to Healthix every 180 days. Subscription methods include all clients, or a rule-based file (based on demographics, diagnosis, etc.)
  • The data is Healthix Data only. No SHIN-NY or eHealth Exchange data is contained in this service. 
  • Below is a grid of all the data elements available.



Clinical Information Updates