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Healthix Concise

Healthix Concise places HIE information within a clinician’s workflow to assist in making informed clinical decisions. It is a FHIR-based app intended to be used by physicians and the patient care team at the point of care. Access to Concise is based on your organization’s designation of your role and scope of care.


Available within Epic

The Concise FHIR app for Epic EMR is now available through the Epic App Orchard. Healthix Concise will link to data housed in Healthix. When a nurse, doctor, or care team member launches Epic, the Healthix Concise app will automatically launch within the Epic user interface, keeping the user in their workflow without the need to navigate outside their native electronic medical record (EMR).



Data in Healthix Concise App

As the user pulls up a patient’s chart, that action automatically launches the Healthix Concise app and passes patient data from Healthix. If there is no consent or available data, the app’s patient window will appear empty. If data appears and you wish to view more detail, the app window will expand and allows filtering based on desired data. Information in Healthix Concise comes from across all organizations in Healthix and includes:

  • Health Records
    – Procedures
    – Radiology
    – Conditions
    – Vaccinations
    – Laboratory
    – Medications



Healthix Concise adheres to a variety of established and emerging interoperability standards, including:

  • Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture (C-CDA)

  • Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR Specification)

  • Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA)



  • The app displays a priority subset of information concisely, unlike a full history found in a CCD or EHR.

  • Available in real time, 24/7, through your Epic workflow (no additional patient search or login necessary).

  • Provides data from across New York and Long Island for all participating organizations in Healthix, including 80+ hospitals, thousands of ambulatory facilities, labs, radiology centers and more.

  • Healthix matches the patient records across all facilities into one master patient file, and then presents a composite picture for the specified data elements for everything outside your own organization’s data.

  • Enables seamless access from within the Epic EMR.


Healthix Concise Overview Video

Healthix Concise