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Healthix Focus 360

Healthix is driving innovation by supporting FQHCs with an online toolkit designed to facilitate value-based care (VBC). The toolkit addresses FQHCs’ top priorities, improving patient outcomes and crucial UDS/HEDIS measures. It identifies external quality measures, pinpoints high-risk patient groups, and offers real-time guidance for follow-up actions.


Healthix Focus 360

Healthix Focus360° provides a dashboard view, reports and analysis designed to address the priority needs of the health centers. The dashboard specifically identifies quality measures met outside of the user’s organization, patient populations at greatest risk and real-time support for prioritizing follow-up.


360° View: Lists the encounters that have occurred outside of the user’s facility with filter options to define parameters.

Predictive Risk Analytics: Predictive analytics benefits from machine learning large language models leveraging the breadth of data in Healthix.

Quality Measures: Delivers data for specific HEDIS quality metrics to aid in identifying and closing gaps in care.




360° View
(Care Outside My Institution)
• All Patients
• High Utilizers
• Referral Reconciliation
• STI Encounters
• Childhood Disability Screening
• Follow-up After Hospitalization

Predictive Analytics
Population Risk
• Asthma Exacerbation
• Suicide Attempt
• Type 2 Diabetes
• Future Cost
• IP Admissions
• ED Visits
• Mortality

Transition Risk
• IP Readmissions in 30 Days
• ED Re-visits in 30 Days

Quality Measures
• Adult and Child Well Visits
• Follow-Up After Hospitalization for Mental Illness and Substance Abuse
• Transition of Care
• Prenatal and Postpartum Care

• Controlling Blood Pressure
• Breast Cancer Screening
• Cervical Cancer Screening
• Colorectal Cancer Screening
• Comprehensive Diabetes Care

Other Reports
• HbA1c
• Unplanned Readmissions and Early Returns
• PCP Attribution

Focus 360