LiveOnNY and Healthix, Partnering to Save Lives

Healthix provides LiveOnNY data in real-time

Did you know that each organ donor can save 8 lives?

Just imagine the thousands of lives that could be saved exponentially every year. The goal of the nonprofit organization, LiveOnNY, is to help New Yorkers live on through organ and tissue donation. The organization is comprised of a team of over 200 clinicians, educators, social workers and more. The LiveOnNY staff helps facilitate organ donation and also takes care of the families of donors. Additionally, the organization works with a large team of volunteers, many of whom are recipients themselves, to educate the community about the power of organ, eye, and tissue donation.

“With organ donation, timing is vital. Instead of a lengthy data discovery process that would slow down efforts, we turn to Healthix. Healthix provides LiveOnNY with quick access to the all the in-depth information we need to act quickly.”

– Richard Budke, Assistant Director of Clinical Services

How do they do it?

How are they able to give patients the lungs needed to breathe, the eyes to see again, and the tissue to heal? Minutes matter and organs must be transplanted quickly. Having access to comprehensive health data on demand is essential to facilitating the donation process.

Healthix has partnered with LiveOnNY for years, helping to make an almost insurmountable challenge a reality. Healthix provides LiveOnNY data on more than 20 million patients across the five boroughs, Long Island and the lower Hudson Valley, so critical information needed by LiveOnNY is right at their fingertips. Within minutes, LiveOnNY can access Healthix data to see the clinical history and health conditions of a patient. This information can help determine if a patient is medically suitable for organ or tissue donation, enabling meaningful discussion with family members during a difficult time. Healthix data may also provide information on next of kin contacts if it’s necessary to outreach to family members.

Healthcare professionals work to save lives every day. However, there are times when no matter how hard they try, the patient cannot be saved. When this happens, there is a chance to be a part of a life-saving process to help others in need and improve the lives of countless people. Because organ donation is not about the end of life – it’s about giving life and offering new beginnings. It’s about our community of New Yorkers, living on. It’s about the power of data to make that happen.

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