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Healthix Alerts and Primary Care | New York Health

Healthix Alerts Elevate Primary Care for New York Health

Healthix Alerts are among the most fundamental services provided by one of the nation’s largest public health information exchanges, yet their simplicity can disguise immense power. Each day, events such as admissions and discharges from an emergency department, hospital, rehab, or long-term care facility trigger thousands of notifications to providers and care teams. New York Health is leading the way in demonstrating their value to elevate primary care.

Until recently, Dr. Razia Jayman-Aristide, New York Health’s Chief Medical Officer, had limited visibility to her patients who were being admitted. That news usually arrived as a call from hospital staff, family members, or patients themselves—and not always in a timely fashion.

She began receiving Healthix Alerts in early 2022 and quickly realized the benefits. Following a notification, her process begins with a nurse contacting the patient to understand their situation, assess their needs, and ensure they know that the primary care team is always accessible. This significantly reduces issues that could affect continuity of care.

“Admitted patients often wanted to speak with their primary care doctors before moving forward with a procedure or choice. As a former hospitalist, I would spend a considerable amount of time getting in touch with the practice and demonstrating that we were on the same page,” said Dr. Jayman-Aristide. “I love Healthix Alerts—they help us to quickly and effectively bridge that middle ground. A provider’s familiar face can assist the hospital medicine team in building patient rapport, speeding informed decisions on everything from a biopsy to a DNR/DNI. Alerts also make my transitional care visits less tedious—I’ve already been able to determine why someone was admitted and gather their history, so I can take a little more time with other things.”


The Value Healthix Provides:

Providers and care teams can benefit from receiving Healthix Alerts, as they enable intervention at the point of care, facilitate care coordination and provides key information about your patient’s or client’s encounters, even if outside your health system or network.

In addition to Standard Alerts, Healthix offers a range of Advanced Alerts with conditional triggers, including lab/clinical results, avoidable readmission, and elevated risk.

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