An FQHC Treats Complex Patients Using HIE Data

Helping Clinicians Deliver Care

An FQHC Treats Complex Patients Using HIE Data

Through Healthix, The Institute for Family Health is able to access patient data that is actionable, relevant and easily accessible. This data is available at a provider’s fingertips and helps impact patient care.

Here’s how the partnership works: The Institute cares for men, women, children and families regardless of their ability to pay. When a patient arrives in the ER, or is admitted to the hospital, Healthix provides a Clinical Alert into the Institute’s EMR. This alert notifies the physician regarding the patient — right then and there.

“When I have a complex patient with HIV, mental illness or on dialysis, who can’t explain what’s going on with their health, I simply contact the ER and use the information in Healthix to communicate the patient’s history and provide care.”

— Sarah C. Nosal, MD, Chief Medical Director

Healthix Clinical Alerts are critical for the Institute’s complex patients. The alert allows the Institute’s clinician to reach out in real-time and speak with ER staff. This ensures essential information is conveyed clinician to clinician.

The Institute’s clinician may also contact the patient to arrange an office visit and follow-up. The alert contains important data on the patient’s condition such as diagnoses, procedures, labs, radiology tests and other vital information.

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