Healthix Alerts Power Stony Brook Medicine Care Coordination

Healthix Alerts Power Stony Brook Medicine Care Coordination

Every day, thousands of Long Island residents traverse the Stony Brook Medicine network, which encompasses multiple hospitals, specialty centers, and community-based care locations stretching across the region. As with other systems of this size and breadth, the majority of patients remain within the network, although many also seek assistance from unaffiliated sites for various reasons. These patients however, remain visible to the ambulatory care management team, thanks to Healthix.

Stony Brook Medicine’s custom dashboard—called Healthix RHIO Alerts —comprises data from Healthix Alerts and the network’s Cerner electronic medical record system. Teams can filter and review admissions and discharges, encounter types, providers, sending facilities, date ranges and more for current cases.

“With the integration of Healthix data, we can see patient activity even when they’re outside our network, whether on Long Island or throughout New York State,” said Carol Berkoski, IT Assistant Director, Clinically Integrated Network at Stony Brook Medicine IT. “This is also particularly helpful for care coordination for transitions of care, i.e., following patients in and out of hospitals and nursing homes, including the ability to track them 7-days, 30-days, and 60-days post discharge.”

Berkoski sees additional high-value possibilities for the collaboration, such as care teams gaining more insights about patient diagnoses and encounters through Healthix’s data standardization project, which is driving widespread use of common terminology and coding alignment. She also plans to continue championing increased dashboard use among Stony Brook Medicine’s community practices and providers for enhanced pre-visit preparation.



Healthix Alerts

The Value Healthix Provides:

Providers and care teams can benefit from receiving Healthix Alerts, as they enable intervention at the point of care, facilitate care coordination and provides key information about your patient’s or client’s encounters, even if outside your health system or network.

In addition to Standard Alerts, Healthix offers a range of Advanced Alerts with conditional triggers, including lab/clinical results, avoidable readmission, and elevated risk.

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