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COVID-19 Field Hospital Retrieves Healthix Data

Data-driven patient identification

Northwell – Javits Field Hospital

The iconic convention center has been reconverted to its original showroom and medical personnel have returned to their hometowns, but the impact of Northwell’s coordination, at the Javits field hospital during the COVID-19 crisis remains. One key takeaway includes lessons learned about technical enhancements required to better support large-scale patient management initiatives in the future.

Northwell Health and Healthix, through its data-rich Portal, provided the Javits staff with essential demographic and clinical information to simplify the outreach, validation, and evaluation of patients before they were transferred to the Javits facility. Data available to staff included, lab values, radiology reports, advanced directives, medication histories, full patient records, data related to previously diagnosed conditions, and more. Northwell and Healthix collaborated to provision more than 300 site clinicians for Healthix Portal access.

“Having all that information organized in one place, through Healthix, enabled us to fill clinical patient information gaps and assisted in informed decisions about patient transfers to Javits.”

 Jade King, MD,
Strategist, Medical Informatics, OCIO
Northwell Health

While the data was indeed valuable, clinicians were unable to take full advantage of the information, due to emergency conditions and training gaps. We remain committed to exploring technical solutions that will enable effective queries, streamline patient search and offer more extensive patient tracking and insight during large scale crises. We thank Northwell for their key role and support during the COVID-19 response initiatives.

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