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Healthix Query

Healthix Query enables search and retrieval of longitudinal patient history and information.


Search and retrieval of patient information can be easily executed in the Healthix Web Portal, or in the form of a clinical summary document. You may also access patient data from other HIEs in New York’s statewide health information network (e.g., HIEs in Rochester, Albany, etc.).

Summaries queried through the Healthix Portal can be manually filtered for relevant data based on provider type and specific treatment needs.

Types of Query

  • Healthix Web Portal: Patient data can be retrieved from the web portal
  • CCD Delivery: CCDs or CCDAs can be retrieved

Best customers for this service

Medical providers, social service organizations and health plans will benefit from this historical information, offering the broad clinical perspective needed to support cross-disciplinary treatment plans.

Features & Benefits

  • Data is available 24/7 with patient consent
  • Full access to the entire medical record