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DTC Succeeds with Healthix Alerts and Telehealth

HIE Tools Enable Care During the Pandemic

DTC Succeeds with Healthix Alerts and Telehealth

Long Island-based Advantage Care Diagnostic and Treatment Center (DTC), a facility providing ambulatory health services, remains true to its goal of offering a comforting, personalized patient experience – even amid the pandemic.

Advantage Care points to Healthix’ COVID-19 Alerts and our modified telehealth workflow, as essential supports in their continued delivery of medical and mental/behavioral health care services, when in-person visits were limited.

This organization received over a hundred COVID-19 Alerts on test results and accessed Healthix data through our telehealth workflow in as many times, during the peak of the outbreak. When written patient consent, which is traditionally required for providers to access Healthix data, was difficult to obtain, the revised telehealth workflow allowed for verbal consent. This provision comports with the State’s pandemic-related waiver of consent policy restrictions.

“During the height of the pandemic, virtually 100 percent of visits were done via telehealth, and the COVID-19 Alerts rapidly notified providers of results.”

– Mary Fullam, RN, Clinical Nurse Manager

Once they accessed the Healthix Portal, care teams viewed inpatient consults and other hospitalization records, diagnostic imaging, labs, medical histories and other data critical to patient care. Also, the COVID-19 Alerts helped staff track confirmed cases and triage patients prior to appointments.

The influx of alerts was coordinated by Advantage Care’s nurse manager and a primary care physician, two members of the clinic’s COVID-19 taskforce. They ensured that alerts were directed to treating physicians and verified that written confirmations of telehealth access approval were scanned into patients’ EHRs. Advantage Care plans to provision more nurses to further leverage their utilization of HIE.

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