NYU Langone Health and Healthix Collaboration Helps Fulfill End of Life Choices

eMOLST Access. Partnership optimizes portability, visibility, and ease of use for Electronic Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment.

When people facing end of life decisions complete an eMOLST (Electronic Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) with care givers, they expect those choices to be followed. Regardless of where they receive treatment, individuals believe their instructions on resuscitation, respiratory support, future hospitalization, and other topics will be honored. A collaboration between Healthix and NYU Langone Health is helping better fulfill those desires.

Led by its Advanced Care Planning team with support at the highest levels, NYU Langone has been at the forefront of integrating eMOLST into the patient experience since 2015. While any eMOLST can be obtained through New York State’s standalone registry, the Healthix partnership has made point-of-care access easier and faster—critical when seconds count. A bright pink banner now appears in the patient record to indicate that an eMOSLT exists, helping spot orders generated both within NYU Langone and elsewhere. This is a significant benefit for a patient population that may be receiving care by multiple institutions.

Jonathan Austrian MD, Associate Chief Medical Information Officer, Inpatient Clinical Informatics, NYU Langone, says that eMOLST helps patients receive the best treatment in emergency department, inpatient, outpatient, and long-term care settings. In addition, the digital format meticulously walks clinicians through all the form’s components at initiation and whenever a change is requested. Considering the complexity and patient emotions that surround these choices, physicians gain more confidence in their accuracy and completeness.

NYU Langone and Healthix continue to innovate, with plans for direct incorporation of field-by-field eMOLST data into patient workflows in 2022—a pioneering feature that could be made available to other institutions. Availability of the latest eMOLST PDF within Epic and direct patient access through the NYU Langone Health App are also on tap.

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