Healthix COVID-19 Alerts Enable Health Plan’s High-Touch Care

Alerts drive outreach and safety education

Healthix COVID-19 Alerts Enable Health Plan’s High-Touch Care

VillageCareMAX, a New York City Managed Long-Term Care Plan sponsored by VillageCare, a non-profit organization with over 40 years of experience in delivering high-quality care, is more than a payer of services during the COVID-19 pandemic. They join the pantheon of healthcare heroes who have stepped up efforts to care for coronavirus patients, and they are doing so with the help of Healthix’ COVID-19 Alerts.

Launched at the start of the pandemic, the alerts are triggered when members have been tested for COVID-19 and when results are returned. VillageCareMAX immediately seized upon the critical notifications to help identify a growing number of affected members. Alerts are sent to a cloud-based system, allowing staff to view a dashboard for members in their care. After a daily review of COVID-19 Alerts on members who tested positive, care managers spring into action with empathetic outreach.

“We received a Healthix alert on an infected 71-year-old member who lives alone and was experiencing troubling symptoms. We made sure she received homecare services and we educated her on mitigating the spread of the virus.”

– Janice Leacock, Senior Director, Care Management

The managed long-term care plan sends personal protective equipment to members and assists them in connecting with their PCPs and social service agencies, such as Meals on Wheels, if necessary. VillageCareMAX is using health information exchange to deliver extraordinary care during an extraordinary time.

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