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June Newsletter: Meet the Healthix Compliance Team and Learn about NYU Langone Health, Healthix & eMOLST


June Newsletter: Meet the Healthix Compliance Team and Learn about NYU Langone Health, Healthix & eMOLST

The Healthix Compliance Team is an integrated and essential part of Healthix, touching all aspects of exchanging patient data…

April Newsletter: Healthix partners with Hixny on Concise, Terminology Mapping Update, Healthix has a New Office Space and More!

In a move toward increasing access to vital clinical data, Healthix announced a collaboration with Hixny to launch a new SMART on FHIR enabled capability, developed by Hixny

Collaboration between Healthix and Hixny facilitates seamless access through Concise

A FHIR-enabled patient record snapshot; drives interoperability and workflow efficiencies for New York State providers. The application will provide a patient record snapshot that quickly delivers data within the provider’s workflow; data that is essential for effective care.

Article 28, 36 and 40 facilities are mandated to connect to a SHIN-NY HIE

As outlined in the letter (dated June 2017) from the NYSDOH, SHIN-NY regulation requires various healthcare organizations to connect to the SHIN-NY. Specifically, this includes Article 28 facilities, Article 36 facilities and Article 40 facilities. Organizations using Certified EHRs are subject to this requirement. If an organization is required to connect to an HIE and

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March Newsletter: Alert Success Story, Terminology Mapping, Healthix Data Strategy and Reporting Team and More!

Until recently, Dr. Razia Jayman-Aristide, New York Health’s Chief Medical Officer, had limited visibility of her patients who were being admitted.

February Newsletter: NYU Langone Health and Healthix Collaboration, Meet Our Relationship Management Team, and More!

When people facing end-of-life decisions complete an eMOLST (Electronic Medical Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) with caregivers, they expect those choices to be followed.

Healthix Customer Updates – February 2022

Healthix Data Quality Improvement Initiative, reporting a Breach to the Office of Civil Rights, Cures Act USCDI (V1&V2), CMS Alerts, prepare for your upcoming PCMH Attestation and more…

An important update regarding LOG4j Vulnerability

LOG4j is a Java based logging tool. Simply put, it has a vulnerability that could enable a hacker to take control of your system. Updated versions of Log4j were released by Apache Software Foundation on Thursday, December 9, 2021, and Tuesday December 14,2021 to resolve a remote code execution vulnerability on a Java logging library that

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December Newsletter: Big Focus on Small Data – An Interview with Todd Rogow, Healthix’s Customer Support Team and More!​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) are improving the quality of their data to further increase their value. Higher quality data means they can help healthcare organizations understand their region more clearly, allowing them to allocate their resources in the areas that need it.

October Newsletter: Northwell Health Success Story, Enhancing Customer Service, NORC Update, and More!

Northwell, one of the largest health care systems in the nation, currently uses the monthly Healthix Gaps in Care Report as an additional layer of information on top of its own data, to examine and fill patient gaps.

Healthix and the new CMS Rule: Why am I getting so many ADT notifications? Did you receive an event notification in error?

Get answers to these questions and learn more about The Interoperability and Patient Access final rule (CMS-9115-F).

September Newsletter: Healthix Customers Share their Use of Alerts, the NORC Survey is underway and More

In the last year, +206,000 alerts were read in the Healthix Portal, resulting in interventions at the point-of-care, facilitating care coordination and providing key information about patient or client encounters.

July/August Newsletter: Healthix COVID Vaccination Reports, NCQA Program, Post-Pandemic SHIN-NY Waiver Policies and More

With the Delta variant of COVID spreading rapidly across the nation, many clinicians are eager to know the vaccination status of their patients.

June Newsletter: Healthix Turning Data into Information, New Concise EPIC App, Who’s Reading Alerts and More

“We are committed to providing our clinicians and care managers with data quality that will assist them with patient care, care management, analytics, and research.” – Todd Rogow, President and CEO of Healthix

May Newsletter: Partnership with DOHMH, Clinical Terminology Mapping, Healthix Services and More

Healthix is working with DOHMH on a project for the Office of School Health (OSH) to provide ED and inpatient information for students aged 6-18 with known diagnoses of asthma, diabetes and severe mental health.

April Newsletter: LiveOnNY Tells Their Story, NORC Results are in, Webinars/Training, & User News

How does data provided by Healthix directly contribute to saving the lives of New Yorkers? How does real-time data help someone to receive donated organs needed to survive –the tissues they need to heal; the eyes they need to see —all of this happens when Healthix partners with LiveOnNY.

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Healthix Supports Veteran’s Care

Veteran’s Administration and Department of Defense Bi-Directional Exchange Heathix is connected to the Veteran’s Administration and the Department of Defense through a bi-directional connection using eHealth Exchange. A waiver of SHIN-NY affirmative written consent was granted for patients receiving care from the VA or the Military Health System (MHS) to allow VA and MHS facilities

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COVID-19 Vaccine Data Now Available in Healthix

COVID-19 Vaccine Data Now Available in Healthix. What this means for New Yorkers and their providers…

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February Newsletter: Working to Better Care for the Homeless, Governor’s Executive Order, Healthix Launches New Blog & More

This video looks at the homeless problem in NYC and what Healthix is doing to help public health staff, clinicians, behavioral health specialists and community based organizations.

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HEALTHIX 2020-2021 IMPACT & INNOVATION — Advancing Patient Care

This report highlights 2020 milestone activities and serves as an inspirational reminder of what we can achieve together and how we can advance patient care. It was a year of tremendous challenge, but also of significant growth.

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