Medical Record Sharing Yields Better Care and Improved Outcomes

Electronic medical records have replaced paper, but what’s gaining traction now is linking health care providers across multiple settings with access to patients’ records.

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SpectraMedix Contracts with Healthix to Facilitate DSRIP Data Sharing

SpectraMedix has contracted with Healthix, a New York State Qualified Entity (QE), to enable health information exchange between New York City and Long Island area healthcare providers and the Staten Island Performing Provider System (SI PPS).

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Healthix Now Upgraded and on One Unified and Enhanced System

Healthix plays a key role in HIE in New York State, and is positioned well to be an integral part of the developing Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program, by exchanging information on the State Medicaid population that can directly assist in improving outcomes for this important patient group.

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What’s the Best Way to Boost Health Information Exchange? Report to Congress Highlights Challenges, Potential Solutions

InfoRisk Today released an article on titled “What’s Best Way to Boost Health Information Exchange. This story takes the recent Report to Congress which highlight the challenges and potential solutions and provides and overview. To read the full story click here >

December Newsletter: New Healthix Platform Goes Live, Data Expands Dramatically, sPRL allows for statewide patient data

This issue focuses on Healthix Platform Goes Live, Healthix Patient Data Expands Dramatically, Statewide data now available (sPRL), Healthix Delivering Actionable Data Real-Time: Clinical Event Notifications and CCDs Delivered into EHR.

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Who’s Going to Care? Building New York’s Care Coordination Workforce

This report by 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East (1199SEIU) and PCDC is a timely and informative look at the challenges in care management. Care coordination and care management are widely recognized as essential to lowering costs and improving patient outcomes and engagement. But the field is still evolving, and the workforce needed to undertake these

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Study Of HIE In Emergency Dept. Shows Significant Reduction In Lab and Radiology Tests

Results were published in the Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association and Center for Technology Innovation at the Brookings Institution. Researchers at the Brookings Institution in cooperation with HEALTHeLINK, conducted a pilot study to examine the impact of the use of health information exchange (HIE) technology on reducing laboratory tests and radiology examinations in

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Intersystems Highlights Success Story: Brooklyn Health Home and Healthix

This story shows an example of Health Information Exchange (HIE) active role in managing the healthcare needs of a complex population for Brooklyn Health Home. It also delves into the enhancement of communications through real-time clinical alerts. For the complete story click here >

VIDEO: Streamlined Access Among Benefits of New SHIN-NY Network — NY1

“Having access to Health information Exchange in a patient care setting can mean the difference between life and death.” — Lewis W. Marshall, Jr. MD, JD, Chairman Ambulatory Care and Community Health, Brookdale Hospital and Medical Center”

SHIN-NY: New York Ready to Onboard RHIOs Statewide

The New York eHealth Collaborative will be providing a patient record look-up across the 8 RHIOs beginning July 1.

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