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Data Exchange is Helping the Staten Island PPS Achieve Goals

Receiving Care Close to Home

Data Exchange is Helping the Staten Island PPS Achieve Goals

In Staten Island, the majority of the population receives their medical care close to home. The providers, care managers, and outreach coordinators have a thorough understanding of their community and the patients they serve. With 4 of 10 Staten Island residents qualifying for the DSRIP Program, the Staten Island Performing Provider System (SI PPS) is well positioned to help.

Healthix has teamed with the SI PPS to engage partners and clinical practitioners to help fulfill the SI PPS mission addressing patient engagement, management, and care coordination. Primary goals include:

  • Connecting patients to primary care
  • Integrating behavioral health with primary care
  • Developing community treatment programs for substance use issues
  • Supporting patients at home after hospital discharge
  • Working with home care to provide appropriate care
  • Assisting nursing homes in managing a patient’s condition to avoid ED visits

To facilitate the exchange of data, Healthix has helped in the collection of patient consent. Once consent is provided, clinical summaries (CCDs and C-CDAs) and Clinical Alerts can be sent to providers, facilitating treatment and care management.

Staten Island PPS serves nearly 130,000 patients, 50,000 of whom are uninsured. Healthix aims to provide access to patient care plans among care managers and community providers to ultimately improve patient care.

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