Connected. Coordinated. Committed to Care.

For every patient seeking treatment at a hospital emergency room, ambulatory facility, private medical practice or other health care setting, there are dozens of questions that need to be answered about that patient’s medical history and care status and how it will impact the care they receive.

Healthix fills the clinical knowledge gap for hospitals, ambulatory care centers, physicians and other clinicians by delivering real-time health data of more than 17 million patients. We help clinicians coordinate a patient’s care between different provider organizations and care management programs to optimize personalized care and avoid redundant treatment.

As the largest public health information exchange (HIE) in the nation, Healthix provides patient data from the largest hospital systems to small community health centers to individual physician practices delivering New York State’s most complete patient data at the point of care.

Helping Health Care Work Smarter…

Real-Time Data

Healthix gives clinicians access to patients’ clinical data, with patient consent, when and where treatment decisions are made. Clinicians have the information they need at their fingertips to offer the best care.

Informed Decisions in the ER

In emergency room situations, patients are often at a loss to articulate their medications, allergies and underlying conditions.  And every second counts in a medical emergency.  Through a composite view of patient data, we help to bring clarity to the clinicians’ decision making and provides immediate information for communication with collaborating clinicians. Healthix facilitates organized planning for discharges and transitions in care, and can help to reduce duplicative testing or avoidable admissions into the hospital.

Efficient Workflows

For patients under their care, clinicians and care coordinators receive actionable alerts when treatment is delivered in other facilities, allowing for rapid intervention, seamless hand-offs and better care transitions. With Healthix, clinicians receive current and prior treatment status from a broad range of sources and can communicate and coordinate care plans more effectively.

Secure Messaging

Healthix’s HIPAA-compliant secure messaging capability provides a secure network for connecting participating clinicians and healthcare facilities within New York State and allowing them to share patient care summaries populated with key data found in Healthix.  Healthix supports direct message standards, allowing clinicians to communicate with other providers involved in their patient’s care, through the Healthix Clinical Message.

Improve Patient Satisfaction. Deliver Care More Quickly

When patient health information is readily available, clinicians are able to consult and create or follow a patient’s care plan. They provide treatment more quickly, optimize appointments and improve patient satisfaction.

Leverage Available Incentives

With Healthix, clinicians can improve care, reduce costs, and capitalize on built-in performance incentives available through ACO networks.