Behavioral Health

Promoting better care coordination and collaboration to treat the whole patient

As the largest public health information exchange (HIE) in the nation, Healthix connects clinicians and care teams in community based and behavioral health care organizations with other healthcare organizations who also may treat their clients.

By delivering clinical and behavioral health information in real-time, including data from SAMHSA regulated programs, we promote better care coordination and collaboration between behavioral health and medical providers to treat the whole patient.

Healthix Complies with HIPAA and SAMHSA 42 CFR Part 2 regulations

Even if your organization does not have an electronic health record system, you can use the Healthix web-enabled Portal to register patient consent and access data from a comprehensive range of participant organizations in New York including:

  • Hospital and Healthcare Systems
  • Community Based Organizations
  • Federally Qualified Health Centers
  • Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Provider Practices
  • Home Health Agencies
  • Health Plans
  • Public and Private HIEs

Healthix delivers the clinical and behavioral health information needed to diagnose, manage and treat patients. In addition, care coordinators can receive Healthix alerts whenever there is a clinical event at other participating organizations, resulting in better management for complex patients.

For patients, better collaboration between care teams helps reduce duplicative testing, avoidable hospital admissions and readmissions and eases transition to post-acute care settings.

Healthix’s direct messaging platform provides a secure network for the transmission of sensitive patient data associated with behavioral health, mental health issues, substance abuse or addictive illnesses between participant organizations.