Healthix Analytics

Healthix Analytics provides predictive risk scores, dashboards and reports to support population health and readmission management.


Healthix Analytics assists in improving outcomes through early identification of serious health conditions and lowers costs by preventing avoidable ED visits and hospitalizations. An individual’s risk score is calculated using clinical information, medical encounters and social determinants of health. Our analytics solution uses daily data from more than 1,500 participating healthcare organizations and millions of patients, to update its risk scores.

Types of Analytics

Details for the specific analytic reports can be found under the Features tab below.

  • Inpatient admissions/readmissions
  • Future predicted costs
  • Population risk models
  • Mortality risk models

Best customers for this service

Midsize health organizations, including physician practices and health plans that are currently not equipped with their own predictive tools, could benefit most from this service.

Risk Models:

Clinical-Based Conditions:

  • Risk of acute myocardial infarction (AMI)
  • Risk of asthma
  • Risk of cerebrovascular accident or stroke (CVA)
  • Risk of chronic kidney disease
  • Risk of congestive heart failure (CHF)
  • Risk of COPD
  • Risk of diabetes
  • Risk of Heart Attack / AMI
  • Risk of hypertension
  • Risk of mortality
  • Risk of opioid abuse
  • Risk of suicide attempt
  • Risk of inpatient admission
  • Risk of emergency department (ED) visit
  • Predicted future cost

Encounter-based Risk Models (predicts future 30 days)

  • Risk of 30-day Hospital Readmission
  • Risk of 30-day ED re-visit

Social Determinants of Health (SDoH)
Healthix Analytics incorporates zip code or county-based social determinants of health into all risk algorithms. An individual’s residence can impact risk for unwanted events and conditions. To see the list of SDoH, Click Here.

Community risk scores are determined by:

  • Education level
  • English proficiency
  • Household income
  • Income equality
  • Insurance coverage
  • Percentage of population living within half mile of a park
  • Racial demographics
  • Respiratory hazard
  • Unemployment rate
  • Urban concentration
  • US citizenship

Predictive Risk: Patient Reports

With Healthix Analytics, organizations can view individual risk levels for their consenting patients. Identifying their chronically ill patients and targeting individuals with risk factors likely to develop into serious health conditions (i.e. heart attack, diabetes, stroke). This information allows for pro-active early intervention, thereby reducing unnecessary ED visits, and hospital readmissions.

Using the Analytic Dashboard or the Reports you will be provided with Analytics that will help you:

  • Reduce ED visits & readmissions
  • Prepare organization for value-based care
  • Manage high-cost complex patients efficiently
  • Predict disease before it progresses

Use Healthix “Quick Start” to Begin Receiving Analytics Data from Day One.
Healthix has developed a “Quick Start” Form so you can immediately receive reports targeting certain patients, chronic conditions, and more. These reports will be delivered securely to you via email or an SFTP connection, on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Interested? Contact a Healthix Account Manager (view the Quick Start Form).

Why Choose Healthix Analytics?

Healthix Analytics provides risk models which are optimized by data from the entire HIE – more than 20 million individuals – guaranteeing the most accurate risk scores. For individual patients with consent, you can view the most significant features driving risk, which enable care intervention.

How Does Analytics Improve Care Quality?

Healthix Analytics gives you the information to target, personalize, and manage care for patients at risk. It can identify patient risk before a diagnosis is made to aid in prevention and wellness initiatives. Analytics dashboards provide key metrics for organizational performance improvement.

How Can Healthix Analytics Lower Costs?

Healthix Analytics can be used to:

  • Target high-risk patients
  • Assist in transitions-of-care
  • Aid in care management
  • Avoid unnecessary ED visits and hospital admissions
  • Minimize tests and procedures
  • Improve patient satisfaction

Can I see a demonstration or screen shots?

One of our Account Managers can set up a demo for you, but if you want to get a sense of the screen shots and how the system works you can view the analytics training video.