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Clinical Alerts: SMART Alerts

SMART Alerts is the premium offering of our alert services. These alerts are triggered when a predetermined-criteria is met, indicating a change in a patient’s health condition, lab values or encounter history.


The criteria for triggering SMART Alerts are customizable, depending on the goals of the care provider. For example, when monitoring changes in an HIV+ patient’s viral load, a SMART Alert is sent to a care manager if the patient’s viral load moves above a specified acceptable range. As with the other alerts, providers receive a “tickler” notification in their smartphone or other device, directing them to the Healthix portal to access a SMART Alert, or receive alerts directly in their EHR.

Types of SMART Alerts

  • Viral Load
  • Lost to Care
  • High Utilization ED Patients
  • Predictive Analytic Alerts

Best customers for this service

Primary care providers, specialists and care teams would benefit the most from SMART Alerts, as they can be calibrated for the specific care management needs of patients and clients affected by asthma, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and other chronic diseases.


  • SMART Alerts, assess all Healthix data (does not include other QE statewide data)
  • Alerts are triggered in real-time 24/7
  • Alerts can be triggered without patient consent and will include limited health information.
    With patient consent full data can be accessed

  • Viral Load:
    Three viral threshold are set to trigger alerts, each elicits a different care team action.
  • Lost to Care:
    Alerts are sent to care managers when their HIV+ patient who dropped out of care presents at an ED anywhere within Healthix (across NYC and Long Island).
  • High Utilization ED Patients:
    Identifies patients who have been admitted to an ED +3 times in 90 days
  • Predictive Analytic Alerts:
    Identifies patients at risk for a number of chronic conditions.

SMART Alerts are delivered through:

  • a MDM/HL7
  • via Direct Messaging
  • through the Clinical Message Center (CMC) in the Healthix Portal

Which patients do you receive alerts for?
You can follow a subscriber (designated) list of patients or all your patients.