Healthix Vendor Interoperability Program (VIP) Organizations

VIP Organizations can exchange Healthix data through a single solution

The Healthix Vendor Interoperability Program (VIP) supports vendors seeking to simplify interoperability with healthcare providers. As part of our VIP program, organizations have access to all Healthix technical specifications and industry-leading interoperability models to help support product development and expansion, thereby eliminating the expense and need to build and maintain costly aggregation platforms. To Learn More about the VIP Program, Click Here>


Introducing our Healthix VIPs


We Source

A Social Determinant of Health (SDOH) App, Created by the Staten Island PPS

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The Staten Island PPS has created a Social Determinant of Health (SDOH) App called WeSource. Currently, Community Based Organizations, hospitals, FQHCs, behavioral health and primary care practices use the WeSource app to identify and meet client SDOH needs. The App may be used to screen any population, it is payer agnostic and may also be used for uninsured individuals. Trusted referral sources vetted and approved by the organizations using the tool are loaded into a referral data base. The App facilitates follow-up to close the loop of electronic referrals made to different social services, and feeds responses to the client’s electronic health record or care coordination platform. This referral roster is easily updated to provide the most current resources and scope for the organizations making referrals. By partnering with Healthix the SDOH data exchange combined with health records creates a 360 view of the client like never before and reduces workload and redundancy for collaborating agencies working to meet client needs. Insurance plans and public agencies may use WeSource to complete an annual or recurring survey of their clients. This can be accomplished by sending a live link via email, text or hosting the link live on their website or patient portal for easy access. In order to provide agency to an individual the 2.0 version will offer a patient activated option so clients can make their evolving needs known and request navigation support before crisis level issues develop.

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A Precision Diagnostics Company

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mProbe is a precision diagnostics company. We phenotype the blood and tumor tissue samples with high resolution and high fidelity mass spectrometry to issue pathologist signed clinical reports with biological insights. In precision medicine, we help oncologists choose the most efficacious therapies based on the individual’s tumor biology. In precision health and wellness, we predict chronic diseases and their complications to cure through prevention. In healthcare analytics, we provide solutions to enable our customers to succeed in value-based care: a real time acute early warning system to hospitals and health systems; and a population health management solution to population care entities including HIEs, ACOs, and health plans.

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