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HIV/AIDS: Ending the Epidemic

Healthix and the AIDS Institute: Ending the Epidemic

HIV infection continues to exact a huge toll on individuals in the US. With New York State among the leaders nationwide in reported HIV/AIDS cases. Since the mid-90s, antiretroviral treatment has led to dramatic changes in health outcomes for people living with HIV. Now, Healthix is providing real-time data to support detection and long term care in the continued to fight to end the epidemic.

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Predictive Analytics

Optional (7:41 min)
This training reviews Healthix predictive analytics software and how it can be used to manage risk in a population health setting, 30-day return risk of inpatient and ED visits, and individual patient risk.

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Health Information Exchange Explained 1-2-3

This brief and easy to understand video explains in 1-2-3 the benefits of health information exchange (HIE) in New York State. 1) it looks at who exchanges information. 2) it delves into what information is exchanged and how it is being exchanged. And lastly and most importantly, 3) it answers why health information exchange is important.

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Two-Factor Security Verification

Optional (1:43 min)
This video will take a user through the needed steps to sync their mobile phone with the Healthix Portal for second security verification. The set-up process need only be done once, and is a necessary step for users visiting the Healthix Portal.

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The Institute for Family Health Uses Healthix Alerts to Help Coordinate Patient Care

Dr. Sarah C. Nosal, the Chief Medical Director of The Institute for Family Health (IFH), was an early adopter of the medical electronic health record as a way to improve patient care. Now she and the physicians of IFH are using the latest Healthix technology to help coordinate patient care.

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NYC Emergency Patient Search Portal (NYCEPS)

The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, in collaboration with Healthix, designed the NYC Emergency Patient Search (NYCEPS) Portal to assist the public in city- and state-wide emergencies. After a mass casualty incident, a key concern is locating and assuring the safety of loved ones who may have been affected and cannot be easily reached or located.

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Steven Keating, MIT Student and Patient, Discusses Benefit of Data Sharing

Steven Keating, was a student at MIT when he volunteered for a research study. During the study, they discovered he had a major brain tumor. He took it upon himself to collect all his patient diagnostic and treatment data and share it online. Through his own experience he has become an advocate of the importance of sharing patient data to help others. Here he tells us a little about his story.

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Kathy Creswell – Chief Information Officer, Institute for Family Health

(Informational: 59 sec)

Kathy Creswell discusses the benefits of Healthix and clinical event notification for the patients of Institute for Family Health 

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New SHIN-NY Network — NY1

Streamlined Access Among Benefits of New SHIN-NY Network — NY1

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Healthix eCW Training

Required for eCW Users (10 min)
This training provides eClinical Works Users with an overview of how to access and send data through Healthix, as well as quickly notes how to determine the consent values of patients in their EHR.

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