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Patient Video: Imagine if…

This patient video explains the benefits of Healthix for patients throughout greater New York. It looks at the various times in your life where having your health information at a Doctor’s fingertips can be truly beneficial, if not even life-saving. It addresses privacy and security concerns and closes by telling patients how they can give their consent and become part of Healthix.

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Health Information Exchange Explained 1-2-3

This brief and easy to understand video explains in 1-2-3 the benefits of health information exchange (HIE) in New York State. 1) it looks at who exchanges information. 2) it delves into what information is exchanged and how it is being exchanged. And lastly and most importantly, 3) it answers why health information exchange is important.

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Steven Keating, MIT Student and Patient, Discusses Benefit of Data Sharing

Steven Keating, was a student at MIT when he volunteered for a research study. During the study, they discovered he had a major brain tumor. He took it upon himself to collect all his patient diagnostic and treatment data and share it online. Through his own experience he has become an advocate of the importance of sharing patient data to help others. Here he tells us a little about his story.

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Kathy Creswell – Chief Information Officer, Institute for Family Health

(Informational: 59 sec)

Kathy Creswell discusses the benefits of Healthix and clinical event notification for the patients of Institute for Family Health 

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New SHIN-NY Network — NY1

Streamlined Access Among Benefits of New SHIN-NY Network — NY1

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