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Leveraging Data for Research

Community-wide data gives fuller picture

Research using Healthix data, 20 million patients and a decade of medical information

Healthix stands ready to support researchers with aggregated data of more than 20 million patients from across the New York region. We offer diagnostic data to assist in assessing study viability as well as de-identified data for research. Leveraging our HIE enables providers to obtain more complete and accurate clinical information to maximize the validity of study results.

Researchers have used data from Healthix for various initiatives to benefit the health of New Yorkers, including identifying homeless patients. Since those who are homeless experience far worse clinical outcomes and consume four times the amount of healthcare resources compared with the average Medicaid patient, identifying this fragile population is an essential step to improving their care.

While health information exchange was initially designed to assist individual providers in better caring for their patients, HIE has expanded into the research arena, filling a pointed yet significant role.

“Health information exchange provides, for the first time, a real-time community-wide clinical data set, which hasn’t existed before.”

— Jason Shapiro, MD, FACEP, Professor of Emergency Medicine, Mount Sinai Icahn School of Medicine

“Data was trapped in the silos of various providers in any given region. It now provides data from across provider organizations that can be leveraged for innovative secondary uses, and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.”

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