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Statewide Patient Record Look-Up (sPRL)

New York Statewide Patient Data is Available

Healthix authorized users on the Healthix Portal now have access to Statewide Patient Record Look-up (sPRL).

This is the first iteration of the sPRL service and over the next few months the 8 QEs will gain valuable insight into the user experience on which to base future improvements of the service. For information on the number of patients in each QE and the overlapping numbers, click here.

How sPRL Works in Healthix

CONDUCTING A PATIENT SEARCH: To conduct a sPRL search, you perform a normal patient query, using demographics or your Medical Record Number. When the screen returns the patient matches, you click on the desired Patient’s Name and the query automatically retrieves Healthix local data as well as any data available from other New York State RHIOs. Your query will take just seconds, unless your patient has data in other NYS RHIOs, in which case Healthix will allow up to 30 seconds to retrieve all the data before presenting the available results to you.  A pop-up screen appears citing data sources, you need only click Continue to access the Patient Summary Screen.

CONSENT AND PATIENT SEARCH: Patient consent given to the user’s organization, will allow providers to access all available data from across New York State.

DATA SOURCES: When the patient search is complete you will arrive at the Patient Summary Screen shown below. Here all  data from the RHIOs is presented and parsed into the appropriate tabs (allergies, medications, encounters, etc.) with a noted source of data. Data sources may display in a variety of ways, either from a particular facility (hospital, physician practice) or from the RHIO itself.



DOCUMENTS: By clicking on the Documents Tab on the bottom of the left navigation, you will be brought to the screen below. Here you will view a separate Continuity of Care (CCD) document for each RHIO that has data for the patient. The data available within the CCD will vary depending on the the originating RHIO.



In addition to statewide data, Healthix continues to expand new participant data—to view the latest contributors of data, click here.