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Collaborating to Improve New Yorkers’ Health … and Lives

Supporting Public Health Initiatives

In partnership with City and State healthcare agencies, Healthix data and alerts, have assisted in supporting vital community wide health initiatives.

Providing the right data at the right time into the hands of key public health and emergency officials to improve New Yorkers’ lives.

From tracking a legionnaires outbreak to detecting Zika, from helping to find HIV/AIDS patients lost to care to providing data for the NYC emergency portal, and of course the recent COVID-19 Alerts – Healthix data drives information and provides answers.

Targeted Healthix Alerts, combined with substantive portal data (e.g., next of kin, advanced directives, lab values, diagnoses, social determinants of health information, etc.), have been used to facilitate patient care, coordination and outreach. Our current alerts include Avoidable Re-admit, HIV/AIDS Viral Alerts, Homeless Alert, Predictive Risk Alerts and we are in the process of developing a portfolio of ten new maternal and infant care alerts that will be used to monitor screening for certain infectious diseases, including hepatitis, pertussis, syphilis and Zika.

At Healthix, our work is inspired by understanding the needs of our community and creating timely innovations to address the well-being of New Yorkers.