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NORC Survey 2021


Be Part of the Solution. It Matters.

All You Need to Know About the NORC Survey 2021 and Why It Is So Important to Healthix

The survey, commissioned by the NYS Dept. of Health on behalf of the SHIN-NY, is sent to a blind sampling of Healthix customers every year in order to provide feedback on our services. As a user of Healthix data, you play an essential role in helping focus our efforts for improvement. You may not realize this, but Healthix is a team of just 70 individuals. We try our best to meet customers’ needs, but resources are tight. We prioritize our improvements, enhancements and new offerings based on your feedback. In early fall, the NORC online survey targets a sample of Healthix customers to determine usage and satisfaction to provide feedback to Healthix. Please take the Survey. It Matters. Your efforts will improve our services. 


Improvements Resulting from the NORC Survey

Alert Improvements

      • Tailoring Alerts to Your Needs — We’ve talked with our high alert utilizers, and realized different types of customers value and use alerts in different ways. We are therefore, working to allow flexibility. For example, if you want the ED admit, but not discharge, we can do that!
      • Improving the Value of Alerts — We’re adding patient consent status to Alerts for Healthix Portal Users. Now, you can search for additional patient information only for consented patients. We’re also investigating ways to increase diagnoses and encounter data in the alerts to improve information exchange.
      • Fine Tune Who You Follow With Alerts — Maybe you started receiving alerts for all patients, but it’s too much. You can provide a subscriber list to add focus.
      • Reducing COVID Alerts — Now COVID Alerts are being sent for only consented patients. Let your RM know if you wish to stop these altogether.

Portal Improvements

Enhanced Password Reset — We have enhanced our password reset process, eliminating extra steps and streamlining access.

Speed and Performance of the Healthix Portal — We are looking at ways to improve performance from better password reset technology, to implementing quick data refreshes and also streamlining code. All these changes are designed to improve response time and create a better experience for our users.

Click on the link to view a PDF of FAQ’s: What is the SHIN-NY Customer Usage and Satisfaction Survey?