Maimonides Partnership with NYCDOHMH and Healthix

Man getting a covid test via nasal swab

Maimonides Medical Center, as part of an initiative with NYCDOHMH, is working with Healthix to design an extract of key patient data points in order to understand the risks for Brooklyn patients with COVID-19 diagnoses.

Maimonides requested patient-level data access for the primary purposes of:

  1. patient outreach through the identification of priority patient populations
  2. monitoring and reporting on COVID-19 testing

Maimonides has engaged 40 TPPs or Testing Provider Partners, including ambulatory practices, FQHCs and community hospitals, who will use this data for targeted care management.

After some initial delays, Healthix has finalized and stabilized the file formats and content, which will run automatically at set intervals, and will be ready to role out at the end of July.