EHR Integration Models

EHR Integration Models: Live and In Progress

Healthix deploys sites using three models of integration: (1) Hub Model – where Healthix connects to the EHR’s Hub to exchange data with multiple practices. Hub Models dramatically reduce time, cost and effort. (2) Healthix Gateway Vendor (GV) – enables Participants’ EHRs to connect to Healthix within 6 to 8 weeks through a robust data feed, regardless of their EHRs’ ability for advanced interoperability. (3) Conventional Integration (Non-Hub) – supports customized connections. Please note: the Gateway Vendor method is being phased out.

Healthix is now waiving its hub model fees (previously $2,500) for all new Participants looking to connect to the 28 existing Hub Model EHRs with more on the way.


Updated: May 12, 2021

EHR Platform Name EHR Industry EHR Type Live Status
Accumedic Behavioral Health Hub Live
AdvancedMd Ambulatory GV Live
Amazing Charts Ambulatory Hub Live
Antworks Ambulatory Hub Live
athenahealth Ambulatory Hub Live
Azalea Ambulatory Hub Live
Celerity Behavioral Health Hub Live
Core CX360 Behavioral Health Hub Live
Criterions Ambulatory Hub Live
CureMD Ambulatory Hub Live
DigiDMS Ambulatory Hub Live
eClinicalWorks Ambulatory Hub Live
Eclipse Ambulatory GV Live
EHI Ambulatory Hub Live
Elation Ambulatory GV Live
Foothold Awards Behavioral Health Hub Live
gGastro Ambulatory GV Live
Greenway-Intergy Ambulatory Hub Live
Greenway-PrimeSuite Ambulatory Hub Live
Health Fusion Ambulatory Hub Live
HHA eXchange Home Health Hub Live
MatrixCare Long Term/SNF Hub In Progress
MDLand Ambulatory Hub Live
Medent Ambulatory GV Live
Medgen Ambulatory Hub Live
Medi-EHR Ambulatory Hub Live
Medi-Tab Ambulatory GV Live
Office Ally Ambulatory Hub Live
Office Practicum Ambulatory Hub Live
Physician Solutions Ambulatory GV Live
PointClickCare Long Term/SNF Hub Live
Practice Fusion Ambulatory Hub Live
PrecisionCare Behavioral Health Hub Live
Relevant Healthcare Care Coordination Hub Live
Reliable Health Long Term/SNF Hub Live
RXiHealth Pharmacy Hub Live
SigmaCare Long Term/SNF Hub Live
TenEleven 1011 Behavioral Health Hub Live
Welligent Behavioral Health Hub Live