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Healthix Training Steps

STEP 1 – The Authorized User Manager 

The Authorized User Manager (AUM) is the person at your organization who has the right to add and delete users from the Healthix platform. They have taken a training explaining their role and responsibilities, and attested to their understanding. We have given them the tools with which to add and deactivate staff.


STEP 2 – User Training Invite

The above provisioning worksheet (desired Healthix users) are added to our Healthix System, which automatically generates a training invitation link. This link takes the user directly to the learning path specified for their role. For example a physician would be brought to a learning path for those who require clinical access to data, where an office manager, entering patient consent would receive training for hosted registration. All users are required to take New York State Policy training. The training ranges from 8-15 minutes depending on your role. It can be viewed on any device, and requires you to fill out an attestation.


STEP 3 – Training Videos

Our website hosts our training videos as well as informative optional videos, so you can get a sense of what is required for your organization. These videos must be watched within our Litmos Learning Management System or via an in-person GOTO webinar series with our Account Management staff for you to get credit and sign off on the required attestation. Th attestation triggers the user credentials and/or SSO access to be granted.


Photo: Data STEP 4 – Portal Credentials

Once Training is complete, an email will be sent with your credentials, or confirming that you now have access to Healthix through your single sign on connection.




STEP 5 – Annual Refresher Training

A month before the year anniversary of your training completion you will receive an email inviting you to take the refresher training. By taking this training you will be granted another year of access to Healthix data.