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Healthix Customer Support Team Delivers

In recognition of Customer Service week, we are proud to recognize our team of Customer Support managers, associates, specialists, and engineers!


Healthix Customer Support Team – Focused on Results

Our Customer Support team represents a broad spectrum of skill sets suited to handle all of our customers’ needs. Our team’s knowledge base spreads across all facets of customer experience ranging from training to incentive funding programmatic support to interface and alert delivery issues and resolution.


Meet Our Team

Sue-Ann Villano – Director, Customer Support Services
Sue-Ann specializes in client relationship building and developing strategies to resolve issues of multidisciplinary teams composed of clinicians, medical office support staff, and payers to improve access and utilization of up-to-date health data. Prior to working in the HIE arena, Sue-Ann held positions at Stony Brook Medicine, Columbia University and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Administration from LIU/C.W. Post and a Master’s in Public Administration from the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service.


Ina Kane – Manager, Customer Support

Resourceful, Reliable and Organized. Ina is always there for her team, for any employee of Healthix and, especially, for our customers. Her commitment to dedicating the time necessary with every customer to ensure they not only are heard but “feel” heard has fostered the development of strong relationships with our customers over the last seven years. She is sought out specifically for her personal assistance repeatedly. Customer Support affectionately refers to our SharePoint site as the “Ina Vault” as she is our local librarian creating a repository of much needed resources with which to manage the support needs of our customers increasing the likelihood of achieving success. Patient Center Medical Home (PCMH) and DEIP attestation coordination. Interface Data validations and small practice account management.


Marcus Cortes – Interface Support Specialist

Curious, Capable and Committed. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Marcus knows that he dedicates himself completely to understanding and resolving any issues brought to him by our customers; or not. Not usually satisfied with the “quick fix” he follows up to ensure integrity and completeness of any resolution that has been applied to every issue.  He frequently and proactively brings matters to the attention of senior technical leadership in need of remedy prior to their knowing the issues existed. LITMOS learning management software and training reconciliation. Medical Record Overlay Investigation and Resolution.


Joaquin (Joe) Davis – Customer Support Associate

Considerate, Concerned, High Achiever. As one of our newer team members, Joe has quickly become one of our in-house user provisioning specialists; breaking apart from the pack in his number of cases closed in 2023. He is steadfast in supporting our customers over the phone and always willing to learn more, which is needed in our pursuit to enhance the customer experience. As a well-rounded EMR trainer, Joe has helped us to assist our many small ambulatory practices with their data access and achieving PCMH certification. He is a value add for Healthix that brings a lot of value to our customers as well. User Provisioning, deactivation and reactivation. Small Practice Account Management and End User Support.


Linda Romero – Customer Support Associate

New, Nice and Motivated! Linda is the newest member of the Healthix team having only started this week!!! She brings with her a well rounded background in technology customer support, care management and Medisked EMR. No stranger to Healthix’s services, Linda brings a unique perspective having formerly been a provisioned portal user. This will give her the benefit of learning the support side more quickly as well as addressing incoming customer requests to reconcile their portal issues – especially with a new one (or two!) right around the corner. Linda’s enthusiasm to learn and get to know everyone is definitely contagious. Reach out and get to meet her!


Darrel Lacey – Support Services Engineer

Well documented, Professional and Productive. All our customers benefit from the thoroughness of Darrel’s approach to all matters.  He documents everything and conveys a clear understanding of matters presented to him to the customers he works with, instilling confidence and paving the way for easier outreach in the future. This detailed documentation serves as his mechanism of sharing knowledge across the team creating a wider bandwidth of service excellence for Healthix customers. At the end of the day, if there was a meeting held for which you need to refer to the information, be assured, that Darrel has it in his notes. User Provisioning, deactivation and reactivation. Small Practice Account Management and End User Support.


Will Murphy – Interface Support Specialist

Self-Motivated, Focused and Friendly. As our newest team member, Will brings his experience with health technology and customer service center stage daily. His inquisitive nature lends itself to deeper dives into problem resolution with concise delivery of communication to our customers, so they understand the fix that was put in place. He is a quick study whose value will be appreciated on a much larger scale in the very near future. Alert Program Set Up, Delivery Issue Investigation and Resolution. Interface and Data Issue Investigations.


Roger Roy – Support Services Engineer

Innovative, Industrious, and Imaginative. Healthix customers and employees all benefit from Roger’s dogged determination to do the right thing and to think outside of the box to remedy recurring issues or out of date processes which historically have gone unchallenged or corrected.  He starts every day with an optimistic greeting via Teams and lifts spirits with his witty injections of quotes and images adding levity to break up otherwise stressful, technically challenging moments. Consent Audit CAP, Overlay and Bad Link Management & Resolution.

As always, all Customer Support team members, are available to work with you Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm by calling our centralized phone number 1-877-695-4749. Although we have true “leads” for certain aspects of support, in order to ensure accurate documentation and timely turnaround of your support needs, we ask that you submit your requests to our online ticket management page at: