Healthix Alerts

Our Customers Highlight the Benefits of Healthix Alerts

In the first half of 2021, 206,000+ alerts were read in the Healthix Portal, resulting in interventions at the point-of-care, facilitating care coordination and providing key information about patient or client encounters. Leading the high utilizers were FQHCs, small ambulatory practices, community based organizations, independent hospitals and behavioral health organizations.

Here are a few of our top utilizers’ stories:

Settlement Health (Federally Qualified Health Center)
uses ED alerts for their care teams to conduct patient outreach, to engage patients and improve care.

Project Hospitality (Community Based Organization)
uses all types of alerts on a daily basis. Inpatient alerts are especially helpful for coordinating their services.

NYS Office of Mental Health (Public Health)
In the past used Medicaid bills to get helpful patient information. Now Healthix offers more real-time information which allows them to interact with patients and help with admissions and post discharge. An ancillary benefit is they can now collaborate with other providers and hospitals to establish plans for the patient.

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