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Initial Login to the Healthix Portal

Initial Set-up of Your Password

Login to the
Healthix Portal

At the Healthix Portal homepage you will enter your username.

For first-time users of the portal, you should have received this in your congratulations email, right after your training was completed and your account activated.

If you do not have your username, you will need to contact the customer support desk using the contact us form or by calling the support line Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm ET, at 1-877-695-4749.



Click on Password Help

With your username in field 1, you click on password help and hit ok.

An email with a link will be sent for you to create your password.

Please check your spam or junk folder for this email if it fails to arrive in your inbox.

Now you are ready to access data through the Healthix Portal (

Bookmark this page or click thru from the Healthix Website.

Login: Username, Password and Texted Numeric Code

Ready for Login

With your username and password you are now ready to login to the Healthix Portal. Enter User Name (1) and Password (2) and you will be prompted for a numeric code, that will be texted to your cell phone.


Your cell phone should have been included during the provisioning process, but if it was not provided you will receive an error message telling you No mobile number on file. Submit your cell phone to the customer service desk — Call 877-695-4749



Some trusted sites that use geolocation verification will not experience this additional step. Your site administrator will know if you need to provide your cell phone or not. The cell phone text based MFA set-up should be handled within a single business day. Once all information is in place, the MFA numeric code works in the same way as you are accustomed for financial services.