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COVID Vaccination Reports

Project Overview

Existing participant’s of Healthix with active patient registration feed may receive a vaccination report (in a CSV Format) for their registered members with consent or under one to one agreement (in a going forward basis).

This service requires Healthix to build a query to pull data from the CIR registry, by your specific facility across all of your consented patients. The fee for the report is dependent on the number of patients and the facility type. Contact your Relationship Manager for more information. Thank you.

Vaccination Report  

Healthix will create and send vaccination reports on all registered patients with a corresponding Grant” consent on file with Healthix and are currently enrolled in the vaccination report plan program. The report will include following fields:  

Delivery Method – Healthix will send vaccination report (in a CSV Format) for the vaccination results received to an sFTP folder.  

Project Contingencies 

Prior to activating the interface or notification service in production, the customer must be in compliance with Healthix privacy and security requirements. 


The customer will continue to collect Healthix consent from members.  The consent collected from members will allow staff to access data.

Have Questions?

Contact your Relationship Manager