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CMS Rule and You

CMS Rule and You: For the Provider Community and  Healthix Health Care Facilities

The Interoperability and Patient Access final rule (CMS-9115-F) is here. Its purpose is to support seamless and secure access, exchange, and use of electronic health information. More specifically, hospitals, including psychiatric hospitals and CAHs, are required to send electronic patient event notifications of a patient’s admission, discharge, and/or transfer (ADT) to another healthcare facility or to proactively reach out to their patients to ensure proper follow-up care after a medical emergency.

Healthix’s Role

As requested by select participants, Healthix has become a facilitator of delivering these ADT events via Direct Standard Protocols. Providers involved in a patient’s care, whether they are Healthix participating practices or not, will receive these event notifications from Healthix Participating Hospitals (see listing below). It is important to understand that Healthix does not generate these alerts, nor does it select which providers receive them. This information comes from our hospital partners.

Did you receive an event notification in error?  Sometimes physician directories, such as the CMS NPPE NPI Directory may not have up-to-date or correct physician information. If you have received a transmission, but are not the intended recipient, please note that any dissemination, disclosure, copying, distribution or use of the contents of the communication containing PHI is strictly prohibited. Please immediately contact the hospital sender (not Healthix) by telephone and/or email, delete and destroy the original message, any attachments, and copies.

Why am I getting so many ADT notifications? Healthix is a conduit or pipeline between the hospital facility and the provider.  We do not generate these events – that comes from the information the patient gives to hospital staff once they are admitted, discharged or transferred to another healthcare facility.  Healthix recommends that you contact the sending hospital for any questions about the volume of these notifications.

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Healthix Participating Hospitals

Bellevue Hospital Center

Coney Island Hospital

Elmhurst Hospital Center

Flushing Hospital Medical Center

Harlem Hospital Center

Henry J. Carter Specialty Hospital

Interfaith Medical Center

Jacobi Medical Center

Jamaica Hospital Medical Center

Kings County Hospital Center

Lincoln Medical & Mental Health Center

Long Island Community Hospital

Metropolitan Hospital Center

Nassau University Medical Center

North Central Bronx Hospital

Queens Hospital Center

Richmond University Medical Center

South Nassau Communities Hospital Off-Campus Emergency Department

St. John’s Episcopal Hospital So Shore

SUNY Downstate

Woodhull Medical & Mental Health Center

Wyckoff Heights Medical Center