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Clinithink and Healthix partner to combine artificial intelligence and massive health data

Press Release: 14 August 2019

Healthix Data & Clinithink AI – A Blueprint for Insight

Clinithink and Healthix proudly announce an innovative partnership that harnesses the combined benefits of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology and massive health data to advance care for millions in New York City and Long Island.

August 14, 2019 – New York.  Clinithink and Healthix – the largest public health information exchange (HIE) in the U.S. – are partnering on a program designed to leverage Healthix clinical data to facilitate assessment of pre-trial feasibility, ensuring the validity of protocol design.  The effectiveness of the collaboration will improve population health in New York City and Long Island by eventually making cutting-edge treatments available to patients.

With health data of over 17 million individuals, Healthix spans a comprehensive range of organizations, from large hospital systems and health plans to small community health centers and physician practices. Over one thousand organizations, across more than 7,000 facilities, are connected through Healthix, contributing a rich clinical data set that is updated with each patient encounter. Clinithink’s artificial intelligence and clinical natural language processing (AI/CNLP) platform will run queries on this HIE data to generate insights that can be used to improve patient wellbeing, both now and in the future.

“We are constantly looking for ways to deliver enhanced value to our patients and healthcare community. Our partnership with Clinithink uniquely positions us to support an important industry need by driving innovation and supporting efficiencies in the design and implementation of clinical trials – all while remaining compliant with New York’s privacy policy guidelines,” said Todd M. Rogow, President and CEO of Healthix.

While some health systems have already experienced moderate success in achieving these insights, the key difference for Healthix is that they connect multiple health systems in various settings, making them a valuable partner.

Clinithink CEO Chris Tackaberry said “We are delighted to be partnering with Healthix to unlock the clinical data for such a diverse urban population with challenging healthcare needs. We are confident our tools can help improve clinical outcomes, as well as promote efficiency and reduce the healthcare costs associated with clinical trials and treatment protocols.”

“We are incredibly excited that Healthix is becoming our latest AI/CNLP partner. Their large and growing HIE catchment area is projected to serve 20 million people before long, and the insights we can facilitate will therefore be even more impactful to the health and wellbeing of patients. Additionally, the expert technical staff at Healthix have expedited implementation and made access to clinical narrative simple and straightforward. We look forward to this being the blueprint for our future HIE partners,” added Glenn Keet, General Manager, Healthcare Solutions for Clinithink.

About Clinithink:
Clinithink’s platform delivers the deepest, fastest and most accurate analysis of unstructured data across patient populations currently possible. This analysis provides medical professionals with the knowledge they need to quickly and accurately diagnose conditions and plan the most effective treatments. It enables our healthcare partners to provide optimal care to patients that is swiftly reimbursed, protecting their ability to deliver care to the people who need it most.  And it can also fast forward drug development; ensuring protocols are optimized, patients matched and sites identified in a fraction of the time of manual processing – helping our life science associates get the treatments patients need to market faster. For further information visit

About Healthix:
Healthix is the largest public Health Information Exchange (HIE) in the nation, bringing together over 1,100 healthcare organizations at thousands of locations across New York City and Long Island. Healthix provides secure access to clinical data of more than 17 million patients, for treatment, care coordination and quality improvement. Data available through Healthix includes a broad range of clinical information electronically delivered with each patient encounter from across New York State, 24/7 in real-time. Visit

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