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Training Materials
Certified Applications

2022-2023 Annual Training Materials

The training materials provided on this page are updated each year to ensure compliance with New York State DOH. If your facility accesses Healthix data outside the traditional Single Sign On or Healthix Portal access, your organization is responsible for training on the mandated Annual Policy Training.

We have provided training materials for your use:

Mandatory policy training

We have provided training in three forms for your ease of use:

Optional Materials

Organization attestation

This attestation states that your organization takes full responsibility for completion of training.
Certified Application Training– Participant Attestation

Mandated user training, regardless of the process used to complete the training, must be completed prior to accessing data. Your organization is required to maintain training records for all users of Healthix data and must retain those records for up to six years. Healthix may conduct random audits of its Certified Application Customers annually to ensure training records are accurate.

Kindly contact if you have any questions with regards to training your users.